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I met an entity


  My one friend and I's parents are friends, so we've known each other pretty much since birth.  He's moved around a lot, but we always end up being into the same types of stuff and are pretty similiar in personality.   He doesn't live near me so everytime we hang out we either smoke a lot of bud or trip or do some crazy shit or normally an ultra-fun combination.  We'd been talking about eating mushrooms forever, and we decided to finally do it.  It took a couple days of  searching and smoking weed to chill and pass the time but we eventually got hooked up.  As soon as we got back to his house, we got ready to dose. It was both our second times tripping( I had eaten an 8th in the past, and he ate a half 8th) so we were  relatively experienced and we're ready for another trip  We grabbed a ton of shit, but we ended up not using any of it, (drawing pad, colored pencils, movies).  We both got gatorades, and grabbed a lemon and the lemon juice.  I took a couple gulps from my gatorade, and then filled it back to the top with the lemon juice.  We started watching Apocalypto (good movie to watch, but it has a terribly week ending, and Gibson is still an anti-sematic prick) and I couldn't wait.  I dosed about 3 grams, and took swigs from my acidic chaser.  I don't really particularly enjoy the taste of the mushroom, but I can stand it.  After munching all my shrooms, I just chilled and watched the movie.

    The movie was pretty intense, and I was getting pretty into it, waiting for the trip.  I'm gonna guess about twenty or so minutes pass by, and I'm starting to feel some trip symptoms along with a bit of excitement.  The first thing I noticed besides minor changes in my thought patterns was the lights.  They appeared to distort like they do if you squint and look at a light, with the whole stretching of the light and whatnot.  The movie was playing on a huge TV, and the people's faces were beginning to stretch.  A little before this happened, both our dad's came down and were talking to us and watching the movie.  I was keeping my cool, but I knew from the speed and intensity that I'd be gone in almost no time at all.  Luckily they decide not to watch the movie, and said goodnight.  After they left, I just turned to my friend and dropped out of my chair laughing.  I got up and started pacing around, telling him how they were definitely good shrooms and that we'd have a great time.

    He munched down 2 grams, and saved 1.5 for another occasion.  I was really starting to notice things going on, and I was losing interest in the movie.  I decide to call my friend, and tell him I was tripping.  I talked for a little bit and was still kind of paying attention to the movie, some guy was looking up at the sky and made a weird noise, and I made some comment on the noise that he made. My friend looked at me and said "Dude, he just got his throat slit".  Nontheless, the camera pulls back and this dude's neck is fucking pouring torrents of blood and he drops to the ground, that made me freak a little and hang up.  We changed the movie to the Alex Grey Spiritworld dvd. That was definitely more like it, colors and Alex Grey is good for a come up.  My friend's girlfriend called him, and he had to go off and talk to her.  So I was sitting there in total anticipation of this trip.  I thought a lot about my previous trip, and was ready to have a total spiritual experience (my past trips lacked any spiritual value).  I was about ready for some good karma.  I had been working hard in school, and treating people well, since my last trip I'd become vegetarian, I stopped a lot of bad habits, was praticing becoming more environment friendly, and on top of that my girlfriend cheated on me and I broke up with her a couple weeks prior to tripping.  In other words, my karma was up and I was ready for an experience I could take something away from.  I had no idea what would be happening to me within the next few hours.
  He was still trying to tame a beast, and I was just sitting there in the chair, half-aware of the tv, and the visuals and effects were really picking up to say the least.  I started looking around the room.  Shapes and patterns began to appear on the wall.  The shrooms were coming on so fast that I was seeing the evolution of the patterns unfolding before me.  I sensed that there was something more than hallucination at work before me.  The patterns were transforming into other patterns, some more complex, some with a more simple design.  It seemed like it was all an artisitic language.  Soon complexity of the shapes made them undefinable, they were crawling all over the wall, and intensifying beyond recognition.  Soon what was once just a cosmic display of geometric brilliance became the 'skin' of an organism.  It evolved from a slight hallucino-tease, into the dazzling shapely vision, into a conscious 'lifeform'.  If you've tripped before you'll be familiar with those special revelations, that vary anywhere from this wall is green, to a spiritual breakthrough, well it was one of those.  I realized all at once that there was a divine creature, dancing for me all over the walls.  And I looked into the eyes and faces mixed in the rippling energy bar.  It was more than looking into any eye, it was like looking deep into a truthful being.  I believe that it was a minor spirit being, sent from some sort of gods that I'll meet in later trips.  It's as if it were a messenger to reassure me that my actions are worth it, because whatever there is in the metaphysical universe, created by only my mind, or otherwise, it will always bless me with such vivid and divine spectacles of psychedelic wonder.

    I was amazed the my dose had produced this effect on me.  I was not only spiritually touched, but emotionally moved by the beautiful and incandescent truth entity that swimmed through the reality before me.  I remember my eyes filling with tears and just staring at the thing for so long, looking around at it, and realizing that it has been there all along.  I thought more into it, and decided that if it isn't a higher being, then it was the skin of my my subconscious mind.  But whatever it was is always there around and controls the energy emitted around you, and is the feeling of right and wrong.  The most memorable vision is when I looked at the post type thing on a fireplace type thing, and an eye opened up and all of these beads and jewelry made of up popped up around the eye.  Any description is horribly off and nothing can really describe what I saw.  Every trip you see visuals better than any art in the world, so it's really impossible to articulate.
    This may deceive the overwhelming euphoria in my trip, it wasn't all serious spiritual stuff, there was a good percentage that was uncontrollable laughter.  After the eternity that I spent with admiring and talking to the alien wall entity, I went to check on my friend, and I started laughing as soon as I saw him, and he was trying so hard not to laugh and shooing me away.  Throughout the night I thought I had to shit myself or that I had shit my pants, and checked several times.  After he got off the phone we talked about life, people, religion, school, the future, space, and everything for hours.  There was some mess in perception of dimension too.  I was talking to him and Letterman was on the tv in the background.  I noticed something weird going on with sounds.  I was perceiving them strangely but i didn't know what was going on.  Then I realized that what we were saying, the people on the show were saying.  And not only that, but I was hearing an echo of what they were saying on three distinct realities, one was right beside me, and one was beside me to the left.  If you're familiar with music, it was like running delay on a mic, and saying something, but setting the delay to alternate the left and right audio channels during the repeating signals, so it seems like it's coming in from all around.  However, it was happening all at once but in the past too, I don't know how to describe.

    All in all that was the most rewarding drug experience that I've every had, but I plan to have a psychedelic experience that will totally disconnect me from reality, and one where I'll experience total ego death. I've had a taste with larger dose mushroom trips but it hasn't been the total deal yet.  I learned about the parallel consciousness that is our subconscious mind or something far beyond it.  I thought a lot about different religions and people, and I feel like I gained a respect for everything in the universe, even spects of space dust a galaxy far from ours, or any person in the world.  I got a better grip on reality, and I just  fucking love mushrooms now.  If I were supreme ruler of earth, shrooms would be offered to everyone, and if they wanted to trip they could trip freely.  But I'm not, so I'm just going to have to share the knowledge and pass on the love of the divine mushroom to everyone willing to listen.  Afterall it's our responsiblity as psychonauts to tell tales of our adventures and let the lessons of the mysterious metaphysical realm be heard.  The whole experience was an inspiring, reassuring masterpeice of the eternal wisdom.

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