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Reality Part 2

When we returned to the house we put on some more Mike Oldfield for we had 20 minutes before the planetarium show started.

When we returned to the house we put on some more Mike Oldfield for we had 20 minutes before the planetarium show started. I grabbed my torch and turned out the light and shone it on the mirror ball in my house. This was spectacular. Incarnations one of Oldfields most beautiful tracks was playing and the hole room was lit up with stars. I moved the torch all around the ball giving it a real universal world pool effect and with the music I felt like I was once again spiritually drifting in space. Julian wanted to have a go so I let him and then sat down and let the beautiful womans voice take my consciousness to heaven with her.

At the conclusion of the song we jumped in the car and this soon became the freaky part of the show. The planetarium was only 5 minutes away so I thought just for some freaky fun I would play Mr.Krinkle by Primus. As we drove off I was totally captured by the grunting double bass and the distorted guitaring was really pushing my sanity to the extreme. I was moving to the beat and instead of seeing the road and the outside world flow freely, it all became digital and started to move like a computer screen. This put alot of pressure on my eyes and my hole awareness felt matrixed. I lost awareness of driving the car due to the uncontrollable grip of the bass line. As I turned into the Planetarium I realized why I was starting to freak out. I was about to enter the people realm and leaving the natural tranquil one behind. I always find heaven in nature but as of yet I have failed to understand humans.

The walk from the car was relaxing. The crisp clear air and the beautiful moon and scattered cloud cover calmed me down and gave me a moment to reflect that everything was ok. We went into the planetarium and there were mainly families there. There was all sorts of space shit around. A Zeta Grey with moving body parts being molestered by children and I couldnt stop smiling and giggling. I was now on the edge of a histerical laughter attack. I had to move around to prevent the laughter.

Finally a poindexter opened the studio door. The studio was lit up with the beautiful pink that you would see on the top of the horizon on the opposite side of the sunset on a clear day. I was totally in love with this, I sat down and gazed at it and thought about the colours of the sexes that you see during these types of sunsets. I sat right next to the droid camera and it was a very bizzarre green colour and as I concentrated on it the bulging heart beat movement that solid forms take on when your highly tripping on shrooms took control of this piece of machinery making it look like a R2 unit from star wars. I couldnt stop smiling at it.

Then the show started and this was amazing, it was just like looking at the night sky in the middle of the budawang national park. Shooting stars started to fly, the southern cross became symbolized as the crucifixion cross of Jesus, I was sinking into my chair like I was lying in a cloud and continued to feel strong emotions of ecstatic pleasure all over my body. The hole time I watched the show I was squirming in my seat feeling high powered love of my soul.

Thenhalf way through the presentation the guy who was controlling it all started to talk over the naration. I was wondering what the hell was going on and then realized that the audio tape was wrong for the video. He stopped everything but kept the lights down and this is when I had the weirdest hallusenation. People were whispering behind us for we were in the front row. The whispering sounded like the breath heavy sexual panting of a couple having sex on the back seat. I turned to Julian and asked man I think theres people rooting on the back seat and I was totally convinced because the chair and body movement noises of the people moving around sounded like the slapping of flesh in sexual rhythums. I think I said this loud enough for the 3 girls to start pissing themselves laughing in the row of seat behind us but we werent sure if it was because of us but they did get the giggles big time. The really funny thing about this that when the presentation was over and the lights came back on, everyone on the back seat was under the age of 10.

The presentation continued with the planets. the images of travelling along planet surfaces was virtual reality to me and like a ride in the millineum falcon. The biggest laugh I had was when we went out to Neptune. Because Neptune has the most turbulant wind. These sound effects sounded like the poindexter was just blowing into a microphone at the back. I pissed my self laughing because it was the most pathetic effort of making a windy sound effect that you would ever hear. It was more like a 10 year old blowing out its birthday candles. the song Autobahn came on to when we were at Uranus and then the family car appeared and started to travel from earth to uranus when it came on. This was how I felt when driving the car to the planetarium.

We then left the planetarium and drove back to the house listening to a Primus track that is all about what experience we were having. Welcome to this wooooorrrrlllldddd. When we got back to the house. I had plans of going and having sex with a prostitute. I needed to take a piss but just handling my genitals was to over bearing. It felt like i was already having sex just by touching it. I moaned as if I was blowing my load as I stood over the toilet and had that weakness in the knees feeling. I then thought to myself that this feeling was to be shared with the girl of my dreams, not a stranger for money. I put the idea on ice though didnt terminate the idea altogether however Julian in the end convinced me not to go even when I wanted to about 2 hours later.

We jumped in the car again and took off listening to Depth Charge which is one of the most funky trip hop artists you will ever hear. We cruised up a mountain and hit a 35kmh corner at 85 and nearly came a cropper. Thankfully we were in my luxury Lexus motor vehicle and the breaking was good and no one was coming the other way otherwise we would have been in trouble. We got to the top of the mountain and drove around the car park looking for a place to park with a clear view of the city but there wasnt one. Where there was a clear view you couldnt park and where you could park there was no view. We then put Kraftwerk on and left the mountain for a different one where there was a view. Julian gave me some purple haze which I took 2 deep drags of. this wasnt good idea because like lacquer head my cranium was set on fire, my heart was going ape shit and my body started to go all un-controllable. This was a bit stupid considering I was still in control of a motor vehicle. Thankfully the feeling subsided after a minute.

We then stopped the car on top of the above mentioned mountain after getting lost in the suburb looking for the road that took us there. Ive been to this mountain at least 6 times but always get lost trying to find it because Im never straight when i do go there. We cranked out Depth charge until it was time to end the night, I was still high as a kite and the music grabbed my soul. I sat in the back seat to get the full effects of the sub woofer and it grabbed me as if God himself had put his hand around me and shook my body to the beat. Lamb was the next CD in the system. I could only handle 2 songs as it made me think of the one aspect in my life that i still feel lost in. The love of 2 hearts becoming 1. I had to go for a walk. I wanted to be on my own just now but Julian wanted to walk with me. This was no big bother so we went for a small walk, had a small talk and then returned home shortly afterwards.

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