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Panaeolus cinctulus

(Bolton) Saccardo

Images by: angryshroom

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Panaeolus cinctulus, which was previously known as Panaeolus subbalteatus and is commonly referred as Pan subb, Pan cinct, or just subb/cinct is a brown mushroom which grows in lawns, pastures and directly from dung.

It is known to contain psilocybian-alkaloids, although in low concentrations relative to most Psilocybe species. Despite this, it is commonly hunted due to it's incredibly wide distribution and is thought to most countries world wide.


Cap: 4-5 cm broad at maturity. Convex to campanulate, then broadly convex, finally expanding to nearly plane with a broad umbo. Cinnamon brown to orange cinnamon brown, fading to tan in drying with a dark brown encircling zone around the margin.

Gills: Attachment adnate to uncinate, close, slightly swollen in the centre, and with three tiers of intermediate gills inserted. Color brownish and mottled, with the edges remaining whitish, blackish when fully mature.

Stem: 50-60 mm long by 2-4 mm thick. Brittle, hollow, and fibrous. Reddish beneath minute whitish fibrils, darkening downwards. Sometimes bruising bluish at the base.

Microscopic features: Spores black in deposit, lemon shaped in side view, subellipsoid in face view.11.5-14 by 7.5-9.5 microns. Basidia 2- and 4-spored. Pleurocystidia absent. Cheilocystidia variable in form, mostly pear shaped, 14-21 by3-7 microns.

Habit, habitat and distribution:Grows cespitosely to gregariously in dung (especially horse dung),compost, rotting hay and in well manured ground in the spring, summer and early fall. Widely distributed. Reported from North America, South America, Europe, middle Siberia, Africa and Hawaiian archipelago.

Subbedhunter420's Guide to Hunting and Identifying Panaeolus subbalteatus

Images by: angryshroom

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