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2g dose of Ps. Subaeruginosa


NOTHING in this document was made up.

Alright so last week two friends and I went mushroom hunting in a local spot, we came out with around 150g of subs (wet). Over the next couple of days we dried them out and we were ready to go.

One of my friends, "John" had never done mushrooms, or any psychedelic for that matter. He is a big weed smoker though. The other of my friends is Tom, I have given him mushrooms in the past and tripped with him twice. Tom smokes weed occasionally and occasionally does ecstacy.

At 11am we ingested the mushrooms,2g each ("level 4" trip) we were all feeling pretty giddy. 20 minutes in I was coming up, I was very fidgety just sitting on the bed waiting for some visuals. Nothing much happened besides a bit of a body high until about an hour and a half after we ate them. Whatever I would look at would start pulsing until I focused my eyes and it would stop. Objects in the room started to swirl around a bit within themselves... We were all having a good time, but neither John nor Tom had started tripping at the time I did, my come up was much faster.

Within the next hour I had some cool visuals, I was staring outside a window when I saw a kind of shadowed outline of a cool looking mask.. it wasn't very bright nor distinctive but it was easy enough for me to make out. Soon after I had this vision my two friends were getting restless and wanted to go for a walk outside to the bush. We packed a bit of weed to smoke down there.

On the way to the walk Tom was getting quite annoying saying "what are we doing" every minute. He was forgetting where we were and what we were doing. We had to tell him over and over that we were just going for a walk to chill out and smoke, yet still he would keep asking over and over. He was really fucking pissing me off cause I just wanted to chill out on my trip and enjoy. John was still not tripping, even after he had a few bowls.

After the weed was done, we packed up and left. We had to cross a creek which I was positive had sewage in it to get back. Tom couldnt even stand still and he was in total confusion. By this time he'd forgotten who he was and was trippin over various stuff on the ground. We crossed the creek anyway and ofcourse Tom has to fall over, which he didn't seem to be phased by (but it was very fucking funny). He had gotten quite a bit of mud on his trackpants and on his shoes. For some reason he was compelled to take his shoes off and rub his hands in the mud, which he couldn't remember doing 10 seconds later.. He continued asking where he was and why he has mud on his pants for the next 20 minutes until I thought Fuck this if he ruins my trip, i'm ruining his.

I told john the plan, that we were going to try to manipulate toms mind into thinking he had to take his pants off because there was so much mud/shit. Next time he asked what he was doing again (he was still saying it every minute or so) we rushed him saying that he fell over in shit and the best thing to do would be to take his pants off to clean them. He coplied and began pulling his pants down, we all started cracking up laughing so, embarrased he pulled them back up.

It was no problem, two minutes later he was in the same position, atleast this time we knew not to laugh so he would actually take them off. As soon as they were off, he stupidly left them on the ground just begging for John to run off with them, which he did. At this time I was up the street running with john laughing my ass off. He had these tight briefs on that looked so fucking funny... He had to run across a main roadwas chasing John trying to get his pants when John gave in and handed them back, still with the mud on them. It's times like then where you need to have a god damn video camera! We were so angry that we didn't bring one.

We made our way back to my mates house that we were at  before to further chill out in hope that Tom snaps out of it. When we got back he was familiar to the house and soon enough he was back to normal.

What started out as a promising trip lead to a big pain in the ass, yet a funny pain in the ass.

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