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Reality Part 1

My friend Julian and I both ate 8 blue meanies each to start our trip.

My friend Julian and I both ate 8 blue meanies each to start our trip. 30 minutes in I wasnt feeling much happening so I ate another 2 and Julian had eaten another 3. We both sat down on opposite couches with the stereo speakers between us either side of us. We listened to Jean Michel Jarre first up and at the completion of the CD I was still disatisfied with the trips intensity although i was feeling quite nice. We both ate another 3 shrooms each and then sat down again and listened to Mike Oldfield. I had my eyes shut but the vivid visions I normally got werent coming through at all. I got up and moved around a little bit and was starting to feel the euphoria come through. I laid back down on the cushions I had on the floor and started to stretch. Each muscle that was being stretched felt like it was orgasming with pleasure and I knew then at last the shrooms had kicked in. I ended up face down on the cushion looking at the floor with my arms stretched out in front of me. I propped my head up and the only light in the room was the digital green from the stereo. My arms looked and felt detached from my body and the carpet was swirling like a muddy swamp. I had a strong hallusenation that I was flying over a lagoon on Mars like Super man and I realized I was off my head.

I jumped up and said to Julian that I needed to explore and go for a walk. He was tripping hard to and agreed. We stopped the music and rugged up and went outside. The first thing I noticed was how still the air was. We stopped outside the car port and were blasted by the intense beauty of the full moon. The light cloud cover made a bright orange ring radiate around it as though Saturn had moved into our atmosphere. At this stage the ecstacy was intense throughout my body. The tingling Euphoria was like a all over body orgasm. When we started the journey into the bushland behind my house we disturbed a Kangaroo. I noticed it when it bounced in the direction where we came from. My first instinct was to approach it, touch it and tell it how beautiful it was. However as I took 3 steps towards it I felt an invisible force field pushing me making me walk like someone who'd downed a 750ml bottle of Jim Beam in 30 minutes. I could actually feel the Kangaroos thoughts telling me not to come any closer. I felt its fear and it didnt want us going near it. So I stopped and just looked at it and admired it from where I had staggered to.

I continued the journey into a little gully. I picked up a broken branch and felt like I was Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings. I gazed at the 2 open water tunnels and they looked like the eyes of a shoalin wooden man. The grass growing over the top looked like the hair of a elf. Julian then wanted to have a go at carrying the staff and I let him as we left the gully. We were walking in the direction of the moon and I started to trot flapping my arms. I felt like a swan attempting to take off into the air with a mindset of reaching the moon.

We then approached the dam and because of the still air it was as reflective as a mirror. The moon looked like a giant pearl shinning in it and i could just about reach out and grab it from the water. I didnt for Julian told me it would cause ripples and destroyed its reflective beauty. I didnt but I had the urge to reach through it like one of those fantasy mirrors. I then turned and looked at a tree and shut my eyes. The colourful patterns I couldnt see earlier then started to come through. Abstract colours mainly red and green all gelling and moving around themselves like molten lava flowing from a volcano. I then approached the tree and again the feeling of spiritual force was pushing me away from it like with the Kangaroo. This I couldnt understand but when I got close for some reason I understood what the tree was saying to me. I had intentions of climbing it, but the tree didnt want me to climb it. I touched the tree looked up at it looking at its frail branches. Somehow I got its message. I believe the tree was actually telling me it didnt want its natural state disturbed. I would have broken branches and parted the leaves from it if i had done this causing disturbance to it.

This is the conclusion of part 1. Part 2 is about when we went to the Planetarium. Stay tuned.

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