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first experience with shrooms

feeling of dying

Everyone in my neighborhood has been ranting on about shrooms and acid and what not, so i decided to try one of them. Acid is hard to find around here so i just went for shrooms. I asked around and most people suggested an 8th would be a sufficient amount for my first time. So last month i went on a camping trip with a couple of buddies, 7 in total. My friend -- we can call him A -- had a friend who was slanging a whole bunch of stuff from mescaline to opium. Me and my friend T both put in 25 for two 8ths (an 8th for each).

We got to the mountains and set up for camp. I heard that shrooms lasted around 4 hours so i wanted to start right away and T agreed that we should since we got to the mountains pretty late. So we sat there blasted my iPod Stereo and chomped on some shrooms. T had a real problem with the taste of mushrooms, but I thought that they actually tasted good, mushrooms are a big diet in my family, my Dad always told me since i was little that mushrooms had magical powers. Since i had no problem eating the shrooms i ate them relatively faster than T. In the end i think i accidentally ate a little bit of his sac haha. i had a little bit over an 8th he had a little bit less.

At first i felt nothing so i just sat there and let the music soke in. My friend C decided to open a glass of champagne in commeration of our camping trip. i had a glass but i dont really like champagne, or alcohol. After about 20 minutes i started feeling lightheaded and talkative. I looked at T and asked him it he felt anything, he responded with a quick no. He has a bigger built than me so i wasn't surprised. After maybe another 5 or 10 minutes later, i really started feeling it. It felt like being really high or drunk but being able to contain myself. Me and T started laughing at each other for no apparrent reason haha, and when i looked down at a piece of bark, it looked like it was breathing and that these little dots on it were moving around. I had a football in my hand and i was looking at it and i started giggling. i looked like an idiot.

10 minutes later a rush of fear crept through my whole body and i felt really sick. My first reaction was to just lay down so i walked over to a mat and laid there for a bit. I didn't like this feeling at all. I started to get really scared and i started to say "i want to go back home, i want to go back home". My friend J saw the distress i was going through so he guided me to the tent where i could lay down comfortably. I walked in and at first i was excited. The tent to me was like a giant fun box! I looked at my hand and saw various colors and looked around and everything was going great. But then out in the distant i heard an unfamiliar voice, it was a lady's voice. and she said we had to leave because we were on private property or else she'd call the sheriff. That scared the living shit out of me and now i really got scared. I felt like i was dying. A feeling inside of me just thought that if i died right then and there that it'd be ok and that it'd make sense. So i laid down again but i couldn't tell which sleeping bag was mine. C came in and said that we had to move camp and that when we had to leave if i'd be ok with it. and i just looked at him in shock

He had 4 eyes, 2 eyes right below his normal ones. I kept looking at him and the skin on his cheek started to rot and i could see his cheekbone. i was not liking this at all.
I just said GO AWAYYY and laid down and all i felt was fear. I regretted the whole thing.

After that i dont really remember much, except that i was carrying a tent up a giant ass hill and that i kept falling and dropping the tent and everyone was getting mad.

Once we made our new campsite i "woke up" from my stage of fear and sat down on a lawn chair my friend propped up for me. He started to grill hamburgers and i definately wanted one.

I asked if there was any water, BUT THERE WAS NO WATER!
i thought i was going to die. but actually a beer was refreshing.
after two hamburgers and a few beers i started to feel better and the shrooms started to fade.

At the time, i regretted having done shrooms, but now im glad i did. becuase now when i do them again my experience will be a lot better.

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