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different perception

Note: This is "demon clouds" from K's point of view.

Note: This is "demon clouds" from K's point of view.
This happened a few hours ago. I decided to go meet M because I'd be gone for awhile, so I met him and a couple other people at the park. One of them had shrooms and another had a little weed left. So we took some, I didn't pay much attention, then we sat and smoked a little. It took a little while for it to kick in but I started feeling a little shaky. We saw a cop cirling the park so we decided to go to the bridge. We sat there for a few minutes but the others got nervous cause there were lights around. We started to head off when suddenly A started talking wierd then M suddenly stopped in his tracks looking terrified. By now everything was starting to look strange, not scary though. M and A said they saw the face of Satan and continued talking. I think I kept muttering things but I was occupied with the clouds. They kept reforming as if they were telling me a story. I was trying to make sense of the many pictures. They were telling me stories of old lands and going through evolution and how everything is. Then we saw a cop and had to escape the park, but I was still interested in the clouds and not panicking at all. After this the next thing I remember is seeing a woman levitating, from a long time ago, it was probobly a druid because Mists of Avalon kept popping up in my mind. Suddenly I saw a baby, probobly the child of the woman. It was being held up by the light and I knew it was a special baby, Jesus Christ crossed my mind but quickly exited. The baby was just special. Then another formation of clouds surrounding the moon captured my eyes, and I saw the mists of a beatiful paradise. It was like a picture I had seen before but couldn't place, so i just enjoyed the majesty of it. I was distracted for a quick second but quickly tured back only to discover a dark creature had cover the moons shining light. I was scared of the creature but I watched it as it appeared to move towards me. Suddenly I saw the wise man's face and knew everything was fine. Maybe it meant that nothing stays dark and grim forever except evil itself. Soon the beatiful city mists returned. Then it all faded and I was told in my mind that I was now being showed all the evil in the world as pictures of various scary faces appeared and I backed away but I knew I must watch it to prove that good over evil was how it always would be. Then I felt a huge sense of confort and was happy again, very calm, and I heard someone telling me to put my hand out. So I reached my hand towards the sky and felt it being embraced. Something was holding my hand, telling me all was fine. I finally took my hand back down and we headed back to the park. S and N had left earlier but A and M were still there, a little freaked out still. I didn't want to go home but I knew I would have to. Finally after standing there for awhile I began walking home with A, and I spent the rest of the walk planning what I would say to a cop so I wouldn't get scared. I finally got home which is where I have been for awhile. I've recaptured what I remember. I felt pure confort.

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