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Piedmont Park

A trip with the girlfriend

The night began with 7 grams of dried psilo's, two Lovers, a bag of M&M's, and a wonderful park in Atlanta, Piedmont Park. Describing the events that unfolded would be hard enough to symbolize in any type of written language as is, but writing retrospectively for a few months into the past makes the task that much more of a difficulty. This was neither of the two lovers first experience with the magical mushroom. However, as for one, it was the first “breakthrough” with the psilo's. For security reasons, they will simply be labeled “Lover M” and “Lover F”, the “M” standing for male and “F” for female.
    The Lovers started eating the dried psilo's on the walk to the park. Lover M ate roughly 4 grams, while Lover F ate the remaining 3 grams. The mushroom's effects started manifesting before the Lovers got to their first spot, after about 20 minutes of ingestion. The two Lovers headed to a large slide to smoke a nicely rolled joint of some kynd bud. As the two Lovers headed up the set of steps leading to the slide, which were now beginning to breathe, they passed a man who was clearly inebriated on something. He smiled and mumbled to the two Lovers, “Ya'll must be trippin”. He was laughing as he walked off down the steps. The joint really helped to set things off and Lover M eventually decided to save the rest for a later point in time. The two Lovers slid down the slide and upon reaching the bottom noticed they had blasted off into the loving embrace of Mother Earth and truly connected with the Global Consciousness, or maybe they were just tripping...
    The next stop on the magical mystery tour was the lake. The two lovers sat in front of the lake and the mushrooms progressively pushed Lover M to the point of raising his entire understanding of everything to an entirely new level. Lover F was somewhat silent. She just sat and held Lover M's arm as she listened to his ideas. He said he could feel the world going through a change. A very positive change, to say the least. He was by no means new to the psychedelic experience, but had never been this far on psilocybin. This was the most at “One” he had ever felt with the Earth, himself, and everything else in the Universe at Large. Waves and flashes of visions flashed into Lover M's eyes, and he had the distinct feeling of having smoked N,N Dimethyltryptamine.
    After 10 or 15 minutes a couple of guys walked to the edge of the lake. One of them was carrying a boom box which was playing some loud techno/trance type music. Lover M had the distinct feeling they were tripping, but wasn't quite sure. To both of the Lover's surprise, they started dancing. Every fluid motion seemed to drill in the idea into Lover M's head that the world really wasn't that dark of a place, that there still is hope for humanity. Lover M looked up at the tree's and noticed that the leaves had been replaced by orbs of light. This was most fascinating, indeed. Every time the wind would blow, it appeared to him that he could see it as a rainbow, bustling over the ground and lake, shaking the balls of light on their branches. Lover F decided it was time for a change of scenery, so the two Lovers got up to leave. Walking was a little harder than first imagined.
    Neither of the two Lovers really knew where they were going, but they walked none the less. About 5 minutes later, they realized they had no idea where they were going and decided to sit on the nearest set of steps. The city looked so beautiful to the two Lovers, they just sat and admired the lights for some time. After a few minutes of sitting and looking, lost in their own thoughts, they decided it was time to venture home. However, having no idea where they were, getting there was beginning to look like somewhat of a problem. Lover M has always been pretty confident with his sense of direction, so he ventured out across the lawn. It was apparent Lover F didn't quite trust his judgement, but followed along none the less. Low and behold, his superb directional skills, or maybe a guiding hand from above, worked quite well and they made it back to their home.

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