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demon clouds

this all happened about 2 hours ago actually, i am writing this from my computer after i got home.

this all happened about 2 hours ago actually, i am writing
this from my computer after i got home.
me and my friends decided to sneak out tonight and smoke
some weed. when we all met we went to this park and started
smoking some of the bud. after the bud was gone my friend
(ill call him S) popped out a bag of shrooms. i have no
idea what kind they were or how much we took, but i felt
very very weird after, i felt as if my legs were about to
just crumple from my body.
my other friend A had a tiny bit of bud too and we were
about to pack another bowl when we saw a cop pop almost out
of nowhere. it had its searchlight on and we were about to
piss our pants. we slowly walked away from the park and
onto a side street. we found a nice place to smoke after
that under a bridge. we were walking back from the bridge
because for some reason (i dont know why, i barely remember
any of this) we decided that we werent going to smoke under
there. we kept dropping the damn pipe so we said fuck it
and put it away.
we looked up and saw that the clouds were in a odd shape,
the moon was behind them and you could see a slight outline
of eyes and a mouth. everybody else was laughing at this
but me and A were starting to get scared. all of a sudden
the face took on a formation (im getting really freaked out
just thinking about it). it took form in a demons face, it
wasnt just like it looked kinda like a face or anything, it
WAS a face just sitting there in the sky. me and A were
freaking out and no one else could understand why, i think i
was pointing at the sky and yelling "holy shit guys!!! look
at that!! look at that!!". A was covering his face in his
hands and totally freaking out, i felt like it was the end
of the world, the end of everything, i was about to cry. i
could see the textures of the face and the mouth, it looked
so real like i could reach out and touch it. the moon was
behind the middle of its eyes so the eyes were glowing which
made it look a million times worse. i think im sober now
and i still dont know if i was tripping when i saw that. A
kept saying something about the end of the world, how satan
was going to get us all. i had my eyes plastered on the
face, scared out of my mind to move. all of a sudden, the
face just vanished, just poof, it just vanished. i felt
that the horror was over, what the hell do i know...
me and A were busy discussing and freaking out over the face
to care what the others were saying. suddenly i pointed my
finger into the air and started yelling "holy shit man! its
a mushroom cloud!" then A looked up and said "no... i think
its just a mushroom" and i saw just that as he said it. the
mushroom started freaking the hell outta me because it too
looked very very real. the same as before, no one could see
it, just me and A. everyone else was still trying to find
the mysterious mushroom in the sky. me and A stared
straight at the ground and said we were never going to look
at the sky again the whole night. i think me and A were the
only ones really tripping, actually my friend K was too, but
she didnt really show it at all, she told me this later.
cars kept zooming by us and scaring the crap outta us, i
kept jumping behind trees and walls because i was so scared.
then i saw what seemed like three headlights appear from the
other side of the park, it was a cop. i started panicking
and K just told me to relax, everything was going to be OK.
A was freaking out almost as bad as me, everybody else was
tripping out so they really didnt know what was going on.
we ducked behind a street and ran, we got too tired and
started walking about 10 feet after we started running.
luckily the cop didnt see us and didnt chase after us, that
didnt stop me and A from flipping out. after this S decided
he was tired and was going to go home, OK thats fine with
me, i couldve cared less. all of a sudden i stopped, K and
A stopped too to see what the hell i was doing. i felt a
freezing chill on my spine and i started to recall all my
past dreams. i saw K in my dreams repeating the phrase "my
eyes are bulging and im cold" over and over and over again.
then i saw her again repeating words that appeared to be in
the future, she never actually said them, so i guess that
was the shrooms, not some superpower of mine. i kept walking
on and i kept getting freaked out at almost everything that
moved by me. A was having the same experience. we were
walking down a busy street at 2am and cars zoomed by every
once in a while, i wasnt scared at all until i heard A gasp
really loud and i saw the lights on top of the police car
and the colors it had, then it just moved on. K apparently
hadnt seen this because she was rambling about something
that i dont quite remember. we got to my house and sat down
on the sidewalk to recollect our thoughts. me and A were
trying as hard as we could to not stare at the clouds. K
was staring at them like they were a movie or something. i
later learned that she thought they were telling her the
secrets of the world and how it works, through a time
travelling sequence or something.
me and A got overwhelmed and stared at the clouds, they were
black and were forming animals and faces all over the place,
i started to freak out and my legs got wobbly, i sat back
down. i saw A staring at the clouds with a very terrified
look in his eyes and i snapped him out of it and told him to
sit down. every time we tried to look at the clouds K told
us to stop it (apparently they got annoyed when we looked at
them). we started to walk to A's house and i thought i was
coming out of the trip but every time i looked at the clouds
i saw fire breathing lions and turtles. when we got to the
park we decided we were gonna go home and crash. we
actually ended up sitting there for like half an hour
because none of us really had a car and we were gonna have
to walk home alone. me and A were especially scared because
we were having a horrible trip, K was doing just peachy.
well i ended up getting my ass home, and here i am... still
alive. A pointed out that he thought that vivid face might
have been satan and when we stared at it it took over our
bodies and fucked with our heads. even though i may not
believe in satan, it still scared the crap outta me, and im

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