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Mental Metamorphosis

I am 18 years old, and last night I tried mushrooms for the very first time.

I am 18 years old, and last night I tried mushrooms for the very first time. I had first heard about mushrooms over a year ago and became very interested in them right away. I started reading trip report after trip report here on the shroomery and soon decided that I HAD to try these magic things that people talked so fondly about.

Reading the trip reports also made me realize that there was a danger involved in tripping on mushrooms too. I researched the subject thoroughly and thought I knew enough about it to have a good, safe trip.

I don't think any amount of reading could have prepared me for what I experienced last night though.

But first, if I wanted to trip, I had to get some shrooms. After a few months of searching, I realized I wasn't likely to find any here where I live. And so I decided to grow my own. I used the PF Tek found on this website, and although it was slow growing, I finally had actual mushrooms fruiting in a terarrium.

The growing process was a very joyous and spiritual thing for me. I wanted to try mushrooms for the spiritual aspect; not just to get f***ed up. And the fact that I was bringing these things to life myself made it all the more important. It seemed to me that ever since I had first heard about shrooms, they had been calling to me; beckoning me to dine on them and feel their magic course through my veins.

And last night, my dreams became a reality. Or should I say my reality became a dream?

I had just enough mushrooms fruiting for what I thought would be a mild Level 1 or 2 trip for myself. I know it's not recommended to trip by yourself the first time (at least by some people), but I wanted my first experience with mushrooms to be a private, spiritual journey. I felt I had read enough and that my mind was strong enough to have a safe solo trip.

It only seemed right to me anyway. I mean, I had shared my interest in shrooms with a few of my friends, but they were not interested in them on the same level that I was. Although I definitely plan to share the experience with them in the future, my first time was destined to be a personal voyage.

And it was a voyage like none other I have ever taken.

I guess I should cut to the chase:

Yesterday at about 8 pm, I picked 5 or 6 small mushrooms from my terarrium and ate them fresh. I had fasted all day prior to this, thinking it would make it easier on my stomach. The taste was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I live with my dad, and I was planning on staying in my room until he went to bed and then going out to explore. So after consuming my mushies, I put some music on, adjusted the lighting, and lay down in my bed to let the trip come on.

And wait I did.

Half an hour went by, and I still felt absolutely nothing. Not even any nausea. Soon an hour had gone by, and I was starting to give up. I figured I needed more shrooms. I didn't have a scale so I was just estimating on the amount that I was eating.

But then I started to feel a little bit different.

The come on was slow and accompanied by slight nausea. My body began to feel weightless in a way. I began to stare at things in a daze; my thoughts began to run rampant.

And then it came on full force. Surges of joy, elation, ecstasy coursed through my body. The way I felt was so amazing.

The next few hours are a blur. Time became meaningless. I had amazing thoughts about anything and everything and felt as if I had figured a lot of things out. I had some visuals, but at this point they were mild. It was like the things I were looking at were distorted in some way.

I felt like I was existing in a whole new way; like I had entered another world.

Basically, it was everything I had ever read times ten thousand. And I haven't even got to the real good part.

After a few hours in my room, my dad went to bed. I packed my pipe (which was a hard thing to do in the state that I was in) and went out on our back deck to smoke. This has been a nightly ritual of mine for a while now.

Anyway, when I stepped outside I was filled with awe and wonder. I sat down and stared at the sky. Thankfully, it was clear and the stars shined brightly. As I looked at them, they began to blink and twinkle! Every star in the sky was flashing on and off, and more and more of them seeme to fill the sky by the second. It was truly amazing!

And then, I hit the pipe. I didn't think I really needed to at that point, but I wanted to see where it would get me.

All I can say is... Well, I can't really say anything. One thing this trip has made me realize is that there are some things that words just can't describe.

Each time I hit the pipe I fell deeper and deeper into a world that was far from reality. For a while, I couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't. But I felt safe and calm inside still. I was taking a journey, and although it was somewhat frightening, I was prepared for it. This is what I had wanted.

All these feelings exploded in my brain!

It was beautiful. For a long time (or what seemed like a long time) I sat outside and enjoyed that other world. I felt like I had been healed. I felt like I had been reborn. It was a truly spiritual experience for me. It was everything I had dreamed for and more.

At this point, and several other times during the trip, I broke down in tears. I was not sad or frightened or having a bad trip; I was just completely and utterly overwhelmed with joy.

After going back inside, my perception was still greatly distorted. Walking through my house in the dark was a very hard thing. I went back to my room after that and entertained myself with the hallucinations I was having.

I stared at some artwork I have around my room and it turned into web-like, fractal designs. And then everywhere I looked I saw faces and eyes looking at me. It was scary in a way, but more exhilarating than anything.

My ceiling began to move and melt, as if it were made of plasma. The wood grain on my closet doors shifted and swirled.

I had a shiny red christmas ornament with me in my room, as I thought it might be fun to look at while tripping. And boy was I right! When I looked at it, it seemed as if I was holding a glowing red orb in my hand.

I could look into the ornament and see a crystal clear reflection of myself and my entire room. I would move the ornament around while staring into the reflection, and it seemed as if i was staring at myself on a tiny movie screen that was going in slow motion. That was one of the most beautiful visuals I had during the trip, and I recommend trying this for anyone who is going to trip.

After a long time of gazing in awe at the wonderful sights before my eyes, I felt very tired and exhausted. What I had just gone through had taken a heavy toll on my mind and body, but in a good way.

I lay in bed with my covers on, feeling like a caterpillar wrapped in it's cocoon. I knew that I would be changed after this experience; I would awake a different person with a new appreciation for life.

Sleep did not come easy, for thoughts thundered loudly in my head. The storm raged on long through the night. Finally it seemed like there was nothing left to think about, and the storm subsided; allowing me to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

I woke up this morning in a daze, thinking about the awesome events that had occurred last night. I felt sad that I had to return to normal life so soon. I didn't want to go back, but I knew I had to.

The experience was one that I will not forget for as long as I live. I hope you found my report to be enjoyable, of interest, and helpful. Thank you for reading!!


P.S. From the descriptions on this site, I would classify my trip to be a Level 3. I fear to think what a Level 5 might be like.

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