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Greatest trip in the world


Hey all,

This report is one of my friends and I just messing around trying new ideas while taking about 2.5 grams of cubes.

Foresight...Some time ago i remember watching something about haunted houses on the discovery channel.  one of the rooms wasn't really scary but looked more fun than anything.  This is where my inspiration was derived from.  The room was covered with black fabric wall to wall ceiling to floor.  on the fabric was circles of different flourescent colors.  and of corse lots of black lights were in the room.  now heres the crazy part.  in this room, the people on the show wore these suits made of the same material and design. they were covered head to toe in the black stuff and had circles all ofer them.  you may be able to see where this is going.  This episode of what ever in the hell it was lay dormant in my mind until i had tripped for the first time and had wanted to try it since then.

So my buddies and i decide to do it. I pitch them the idea and they are really into it.  So we went to walmart and got this fabric stuff that was like the consistancy of a speaker box.  Like 30 yards of black and a few yards each of blues greens purples reds oranges yellows.....you get the picture.  we worked dam hard first measuring all the walls and their dimensions and cutting all the black.  Then it took forever to hot glue on al the circles that had to be cut.  Then making te suits came...what a bitch....but we did it.  We just loosely sewed the stuff onto sweat pants and hoodies(we always noticed that we got cold while trippin anyway).  So finally all our work was done.

We decided to shoot for a time when we knew that noone would be at my friend's house all wekend.  made sure we had a great week before hand( induced by a very bad trip)  and then when time came we emptied my friend's room...literally put everything in his room...bed, dresser, computerdesk, tv out in a hallway.    We did decide to leave a shelf on the wall which would have been a bitch to remove anyway.  But here we put a radio and cleared everything off it.  Then we hung the murals(if you will) and set up the black lights.  made sure we all were ready climbed into our suits and turned on the black lights and left the room to ingest the cubes.

We decided to start the trip outside the room and enter it only after we really starting to feel it.  So we're chillin in his living room watching tv.  put down the cubes with some soda. did a few shots of jameson(helps to lighten the blood and therefore decrease onset time)  and sat back and relaxed to some spongebob.  on nickelodian.  That shit is made for tripping i don't care what anybody says.

so after about 20 minutes we were all laughing our asses off  we all were so into spongebob that we had kind of forgot that we were in our trip suits.  So then we spen about 10 more mintues looking at each other and laughing at how much we had worked for this trip.  So after determining that we were well off we entered the room.

Just to be fair( because when we trip all of us have to have the exact same thing going for us,  it's a weird connection) we all closed our eyes and entered shut the door and laid on the floor in our standard floor laying positions.  In a circular pattern...heads in the middle feet radiating outward looking up.  We open our eyes and entered a whole new relm of tripping.  It was just so intense that i can not try to explain.  Dots blended and twisted and came off the wall to say hi and mingle with us. 

Then we put on dark side of the moon and walked around the room looking at each other move about the room.  we we mesmorized.  The dots already moved without any influence.  now they were really moveing and it was now so much more intense. we continued to walk in circles for the entire album.  After that we put on the wish you were here album (both by pink floyd for all those unknowing)  for this on we sat in a cirlce loking at each other playing with each others suits and kind of pressed each others, what we came to call, buttons. we did this again for the entire album when we finally started to feel less and less.

We carried out the rest of the night playing pool after deciding that the polkadot room shoud stay in our memories while tripping.  We wanted to keep the room glorified in our minds as much as possible.

Pool was fun.  We played until about 5 in the morning while watching more tv.

Now when i'm at my friends house i can't help but feel overwhelmingly happy when in his room.  Just too much of a great experience in there.

I suggest to anybody who is bored with their tripping experience to try this idea.  It is a lot of work, beleive me, but in the end it is so worth it.




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