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My Mexican Mushroom Experience

Entering a New World

The words "Wow a lot of mushrooms, many hallucin..." written in my journal is all I have to show for a life changing experience consuming magic mushrooms, more respectfully known as Hongos (P. Cubensis) by the local Mexicanos.  The natives of Mexico call them teonanacatl, or "God's Flesh.  I went to a place called Xico, in Veracruz, Mexico on June 30Th, 2007.  I loaded my pack with the necessities, my drum, my cat named "Electrostaticat" (or Tripper for short"), and several grams of Mota from Oaxaca.  The bus left Jalapa around noon to Xico at the base of the mountain Cofre de Perote.  I have been to the mountain 3 times before, but never had quite the powerful experience as my fourth visit.
It was the full moon, or Luna Llena, and the Mushrooms were full of power.  Mushrooms are said to be of much higher potency on the full moon.  The walk up followed La Carretera Roja, an easy enough climb.  It took about 2 hours to reach the spot where I would set up camp.  I found a spot near the top of a hill overlooking fields of green and the cities of Jalapa and Coatepec in a grove of strange spiky trees. 
On the walk up I had picked about 11 mushrooms and an hour before sunset, I ate all 11.  I hung out around my tent, played my drum and sat still as light waves of nausea pulsed through my body, slowly impermeating every cell with psilocybin.  A very high, floaty feeling replaced the nausea  things began to brighten in the setting sun.  My tent fabric began to crumple and move in front of me and I knew it was time. 
I lit a joint and took the first hit.  Within seconds the world began to explode with colors.  The trees swirled and danced and grass turned every different color, swaying back and forth, dancing with the trees.  My tent was now swirling in a kaleidoscope of colors and shaking violently.  I stood outside until I felt the wind pick up very suddenly.  Within seconds a storm rolled in.  The clouds formed above me and an ice cold wind blew up from the valley below carrying with it rain and a low, white fog.  The rain poured down and I ducked into my tent.  I could feel the pure natural force of the storm, but it gave off the vibe of being a little angry with me.  I had weathered many a storm in my tent before but never in such a sensitively inebriated state. 
The Magic of the Mushrooms helps you to see things, and to think, but it also makes sounds very different.  For example, I don´t understand a word of Spanish when I eat them.  It just sounds like sound to me.  The Mushrooms have a way of heavily warping sounds.  The rain pounded down on my tent and began to speak to me.  In perfectly plain English it screamed "YOU ATE TOO MANY!" and the wind howled in unison "SOOO YOU WANNA TAKE A TRIP, EH?" as it battered my tent, shaking it with rage.  The most intense fear filled me.  I clutched at my head, holding my ears shut, wanting the noise to stop, but i couldn't escape the sounds.  All the while my tent swirled about me, colors dancing in front of my eyes jumping intensely from my equipment surrounding me.  My pants most of all, which are intensely stripey and colorful flashed with electric energy. 
My cat was going nuts, clawing and biting at my hands, clearly off her head by the intense vibes of fear I was giving off.  Her white hair stood straight up on end and her collar vibrated with the same static electricity as my pants.  Seeing her helped calm me down, but the storm continued to rage, telling me I was going to die and other such macabre thoughts, first in English with a heavy Mexican accent, then in Spanish.  "IT¨S DANGEROUS", the thunder boomed over and over again.  I began to sob and as water filled my eyes, the whole world warped out of proportion in a swirling mass of colors, and I slumped over.
The rain continued and i had the sensation of being wet all over and of rising water.  The water seemed to fill my lungs and i started choking up huge amounts of bleach white phlegm.  The rain started yelling "NO MORE COCAINE!", as I had recently had a bit of a binge at a party, probably frying a good part of my brain.  I was still feeling the effects of many keys and cigarettes full of coke.  I closed my eyes as the water seemed to flood my lungs and my breathing apparently stopped, or so it seemed. 
Inside things were much stranger.  Neon shapes darted about erratically, and snakes slithered on the ground as the rain fell in my head, filling it with water.  There was a road, but i chose not to walk off into the darkness on that road, I could feel it was not inviting and didn´t want to test it.  I found I couldn´t open my eyes at all but continued to cough and spit mucus from my my body, cleaning it out I think.  In this inside world I was standing up and the water continued to rise up above my knees, my waist, my chest and finally over my head, but it didn´t matter as breath no longer came.  I could look up and see the rain still falling above my head, adding more and more water.  The sound slowly drifted away and the rain stopped.  I opened my eyes and saw my tent, slowing spinning around me, colors still dancing, but with less intensity.  I was lying on my side, wads of white stuff that I had coughed up bubbling serenely on my blanket.  My cat was playing now, rolling around, still quite electro-static. 
All this took place in about an hour.  I still had the sensation of being underwater, and i made note of the fact that I not longer needed to breath.  My lungs felt wonderfully clear.  The only sounds were of light rain drops falling above me, and the last words I heard from the storm were " something good", followed my a final bolt of lightning that told me "Have a very good trip".
I stepped out of my tent and into a very alien world.  The tree over my tent swayed gently, surrounded my a light green aura, glowing placidly.  The grass around my feet rocked back and forth as though seaweed underwater.  They all glowed in strange colors I have never seen before, strange pinks and purples and reds in the grass.  There is a plant there called "Mala Mujer", for whom I have a great amount of love and respect for.  She glowed vibrantly purple, green and yellow and danced much faster than the grass.  The white fog drifted between the glowing trees and the moon peeked out from behind the clouds.  When its light hit me intense waves of pleasure rocked my body and I began to move in time with the plants around me.  My pants still danced in a show of colors and my shirt glowed a solid bright red. 
I moved towards the top of the hill a short distance away to check out the view.  I reached the summit and was blown away by what I saw.  The whole world below me glowed pink with the lights of the city.  flashes of light erupted below and I could hear strange sounds humming from several kilometers away.  The whole city shifted and moved and pulsed with life.  I heard very light, soft music coming from below, and this made me very happy.  The bliss I experienced in the next 2 hours or so is very difficult to explain.  This new underwater world filled me with feelings of happiness.  I stood near the top of the hill for several hours, just watching this world, soaking up every detail and wallowing in the pleasure that filled me.  I thought a lot, about my family who I am going to see soon, about my travels, about where i want to go in life, very deep thoughts of much importance to me.  I found I still had some marijuana in my pocket, so I smoked some more.  Everything slowed down right away.  The plants still danced, but not with the same stupor as before and their lights began to dim.  At this point I am about 6 hours since eating the mushrooms. 
I made my way back to my tent and found it surrounded by about 20 cows all glowing white and black and brown in the moonlight.  They just stood and stared at me as I slowly approached them.  None of them moved, just watched as I walked passed, quite at one with nature at this point.  I opened my tent and crawled inside.
Inside everything was calm and placid.  My cat was asleep inside my drum, and I hated to wake her, but I wanted to make some music.  I lit a candle and played some music, which sounded so good to my ears.  Upon the first beat I head more music outside as 20 cows began rampaging about, clearly now scared outta their shoes by this new sound.  I made music until my candle died and then fell into a deep sleep as the rain started again, but much calmer and not screaming at me.
And finally, in a dream, a tortilla told me to tell you to "Smoke more pot and have more peace and love".
Steve Fox

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