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Those young, slimy cubes. Mmmm...

Tripping the night shift.

I haven't eaten a cubensis mushroom since 1998, but last night a friend was kind enough to pick some and bring them to me when I got home from work at 12am. He had tripped last week. It was 27 grams, wet of course.They were all nearly 2 inches in diameter and bruised very dark blue all over. Three has just recently broken their veils, were a sunshine orange color, and had a sheen of slime on top. I chose those three, plus one fully opened one equaling 13 wet grams (my lucky number). They went down fairly easy, and I even dared chew one (almost barfing). At 12:30 I sat down at the computer and waited for the effects to break through the weed high I had from smoking a bowl just a moment before.

Sure enough, at 1:20 I started yawning my brains out. My wife had to go to work in the morning so I was left alone in the dark on #shroomery chat. I was talking to these guys, fa1cor_187 and qwerty. At around 2:30 I started losing my handle on what was being said, and windows media player was whispering out the doors under the G-force visualizer. I would stare at the player, feeling it pull me into some intense tunnel. fa1cor said "what do you do when you want some tranquilizers? Put on a bear costume and rampage through the neighborhood." I laughed for what felt like 20 minutes. Then someone said "you're so l33t you shit 3s." That made me almost fall out of my chair. By now I was wide eyed and grinding my teeth. I felt like I was going 200mph sitting still. The pure white of the IRC chat page was like a heavenly window into a much needed social outlet in a totally dark livingroom. I feel like I would have had many more visuals if I had let my mind go, rather than keep it focused on the chatroom. I'm not really sure what level it was, but in the mind and body it felt like 3-4.

As the sun came up my 7 month old son woke up, so I made a bottle and began to feed and play with him. it was so much fun as he laughed hysterically at my faces and sounds. Later my wife woke up at around 9 and went to work, so I tried to get some sleep before I had to go to work at 3pm. Fortunately I was fairly clear headed when I arose and didn't have to consider calling in. When I got to work they were having the daily morning safety meeting. I was kinda sketchy and real sweaty, and saw 3 diff people look at me. I was worried I was acting wierd or something. But after the meeting we started working and everything just flowed together and I ended up enjoying the whole day working my ass off. All in all, it was enjoyable, but I plan on doing it again this weekend while NOT staring at the computer, and being with fellow tripping friends instead.

If all goes well, I'll be good for another few years after that. I still can't believe the potency of those young, slimy cubes. Wow.

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