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crazy poster

i am from canada ehh.

i am from canada ehh.. but right outside detroit so im not a hoser. anyway it was about 2 weeks ago when me and my buddy picked up 8 grams of shrooms at first i wasnt going to take them but we were at a punk show where my buddy was playin and some shit when on and the police came with there drug dogs so i was like ohhh shit!! i gave my buddy his 3 grams and i ate mine because i was paranoid. we took the bus to his house and his dad gave us a ride to the guy who was playin in the punk show. on the way over it kick in real hard. i tryed my hardest to keep the smile off my face but i was picturing some fucked up shit. i was picturing forrest gump sittin on his bench and sayin stupid shit. when we reached his house we went in his garage and put on the black light. i then started to trip out because the limp biscuit poster was winkin and smiling at me and at one point it turned into a leppard face i was like what the fuck so we went for a walk but didnt get very far. When i went out of the garage i was waiting for my friend and i said to myself "man i aint trippen that hard im fine yet im sitting here talking to myself" then we kept on looking at shit and the stars were the greatest so were the cracks on the ground we ended up lost when it turns out we were like 1000 feet away from my buddys house. alot more fucked up shit happend like the phone cord tuning into a big worm and the exorcist poster gave me a look like she was flirtin with me . all in all it was the best trip ive ever had and im dooing it again next week soi will report back . this site is awsome and i will for shure tell you about all my future trips

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