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bubbling darkness

this is my second "level 3" trip since the report i wrote called demon clouds.

this is my second "level 3" trip since the report i wrote called demon clouds. I apoligize for it cutting off, i wrote at the end i still am unsure whether the satan cloud was real or a hallucination. even though i was fucked up when i wrote that, i still am unsure. well, onto the report.

this all happened last night. i had two grams of cubensis shrooms saved for a special occasion. my friends appeared at my window whispering my name, it scared the hell outta me. i invited them in, they were prety stoned. i decided "hey, you guys are fucked up, i think im gonna take some shrooms to join the party". these were the same friends that i had tripped with before, exept K wasnt there. me and A were discussing the face we had saw in the clouds and it was starting to scare me, i realized that it was a bad idea to get scared right before a trip so we changed the subject to music or some shit like that.

i was feeling the effects pretty strong so i decided i wanted to trip alone. i told them i was feeling sick to give them an excuse to leave. i turned off the lights because lights always help my visuals and turned on some music. i soon found out that adema wasnt the best band to have on at the time so i switched it to bob marley. i was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling when i started to notice small black roundish things moving about my vision. its really hard to describe. i focused on them to notice they were floating around my vision like bubbles. then i notices some kind of sparkling colors flashing around me like fireworks. i got up to check if my front door was locked and tripped over a table. the pain caused me to laugh, i laughed for what seemed like hours though it was probably only minutes. i got up and my dog was staring at me, i thought his eyes were glowing like some kind of alien. i started to talk to him and he was responding with words that didnt make sense. then i realized that i was talking to my dog and got up again.

i went back to my bed and tried to focus on the bubbles that were appearing in front of me, it was too damn hard. i got up and turned on my blacklight in front of this trippy ass alice in wonderland poster i have. it was vibrating and pulsating, just like i was in the scene. the mushroom in the middle of the poster was showing itself to me, like it was showing me how cool it was. i got out a piece of paper and started to draw it. my shroom on my paper looked nothing like the one on the poster so i threw the paper out and started to draw my own shrooms.

i drew these really cool shroom with arms and eyes but they were just in pencil and that seemed amazingly boring. i got out some colored pencils and started to color them in bright colors. after i was done drawing them they seemed so alive, just so vibrant, i loved them. i still have the paper, i think im going to scan it and send it to the shroomerys gallery later.

after i finished drawing my shroom i just sat there and stared at it, it was just so amazing to me. like i had just drawn a masterpiece even though it wasnt that great at all. after i was done gazing i put the paper in my desk and just stared at the speakers on my stereo. bob marley wasnt hard enough, i wanted something with some soul so i put on adema again. this time it didnt freak me out, it amazed me. the speakers were shaking to the beat of the song. i closed my eyes and found that the music creates amazing visuals in my head. it was like i could "see" the sound that was coming from the speakers. i was in such a great mood.

i found that i was really tired and closing my eyes intrigued me. i left the music on and went to my bed where i just stared at the ceiling and focused on the music. the black bubbles were coming back. i immediately stopped focusing on the music and turned my attention to the bubbles. they were just so interesting. i tried to grab them, i tried to turn my eyes to where they were but they just moved away from me again. it seemed that they had a reflection on them even though there was no light on in the room. i fell asleep trying to figure out what the bubbles were, when i woke up i felt vibrant and clear minded. i still feel this way.

i feel that the mushroom is more of a tool than a drug. i believe that it can be used like a monkey wrench, it can be used to do great things, or you can whack yourself over the head with it.

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