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5 eights 5 ppl, No parents, lots of weed, good shyt :D

We were all talking at the same time, talking out of our ass! My friend kept on saying: do I exist? DO I EXIST??!

Background information: 19 years old, slim, not too much of a pothead (unlike most of you here - which is fine), first time trippin on shrooms.

Got em a night prior to the day that we tripped. They were 5 eights of dried beautiful golden caps for a group of 5 people (in which only one girl had experience with shrooms before).

Next day, like around 7 pm, we all got together at her house. No parents, lots of weed, comfy seats, good shyt :D

All of my friends ate only half of their eights and kept their other half for tomorrow morning. Me and my cousin had planned all along to eat our whole eight  but end up eating only half because after smoking some weed we realized that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea (although at the end of the night we ate my 2nd half).

I was very anxious for it to began since I've read many other trip reports and was amused by the magical experiences... and so... It began.

As I was watching Dave Chappelle I notice that for some reason i could understand his jokes in a better perspective, not only were they funny, but i could understand african-american culture in a more familiar perspective; this was weird but i loved it. At this point, only 20 min have past and i was finally starting to really feeling it. I felt wind blowing through my legs and water on the side of my arms. Then i looked at the carpet and the damn thing was breathing! It looked as if it was alive, as if it was some type of big organism breathing under the sea...  I had to touch it, and when i did, it was amazing! 

I was about to start enjoying my trip when everybody on the room got all crazy and wanted to go to the store to buy some liquor, why? who the fuck knows! Next thing I know they were all trying to get out of the house with a bunch a money in their hands but couldn’t even handle to pass through the damn door without falling to the floor in uncontrollable laughter.

"What a bunch of dumb asses" I thought and laughed by myself; then for some reason I had the urge to closed my eyes, and when i did, I started to see patters; what kind of patters? lines of all colors and all shapes, really hard to describe (I can barely remember the night nevertheless the patters). 

45 min have past and I finally snaped out of it. I opened my eyes and saw two of my friends doing the same shyt that I was doing (laying on the couch with their eyes closed). I remember that the others (at this point 2 more people who weren’t trippin decided to join us) were drinking and having a good time in the kitchen so I decided to join them and to have a good time as well.

However, when I went over there everything changed. The light (because i came from the dark), the noise, the drinks, everything was different as if i just went to another world. I was laughing with them and talking out of my ass! (trying to somehow make sense out of everything that what was happening).

Then this cool girl (which I just met that night and happened to be 1 of the 2 who weren’t trippin) started asking a bunch of question such as: where are u from? And how old are u?; At first I tried to answers some of her questions but then I got annoyed as fuck because I felt as if I was being interrogated and so I left and went back to the couch with my other two friends (still trippin with their eyes closed). I closed my eyes again and bam! Back to the patters lol.

So after what it seemed to be like 15 more minutes we all finally decided to trip together either on the living room or the kitchen, it really didn’t matter anymore, because THAT’S WHEN MADNESS STARTED.

We were all talking at the same time, talking out of our ass! My friend kept on saying: Do I exist? DO I EXIST?? So I told him some stupid nonsense bullshyt explanation which seemed to make sense to him lol. I felt like everyone was insane going from one place to another, acting like animals. It was as if their reasoning went back a thousand years back making them look like homosapiens to me. That's when you realized: Holy shyt, Im fucked up!

Eventually, you get the hang of your trip, becoming more calm and able to communicate and interact better with others.

At the end of the night (2 in the morning) I could not go to sleep, I was very confused about a lot of things but mostly about one in particular: Did I Liked It... Or Not?, wasnt sure. Its cool as hell to trip with other people, but Im really looking forward to a solo trip experience. I know that the reason why I can barely remember what happened (as if it was a dream) is because I was not ready for the experience as I thought I was.

I consider this trip a 2-3 level trip.

I dont know if it was the anxiety and anticipation to trip balls, or my goofy ass friends and the environment where i was THE REASON why I didn’t have any clear hallucinations or color visuals. Next time I will definitely trip by myself in a more peaceful environment, only because I know in my heart that i have not experience the real power of magic mushrooms... yet.

Hav a nice trip!

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