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Infinate Knowledge

I purchased a bag of shrooms the day before.

I purchased a bag of shrooms the day before. My roomate and his girlfriend ate them while driving from where we drove to purchase them. I thought that was stupid. They aren't very open-minded people, and would probably do any drug offered to them in an instant. This is why I saved my bag for the next day and say I ate them, so that my roomates won't fuck with my head or distract me when I really trip.

Some people just don't get it. The mushroom is sacred. I somehow knew it although it was my first time taking shrooms. I did acid before a few times and thought it was mildly spiritual, but after shrooms- I realized how bad acid really was. I will never want to do acid again after finding shrooms.

I was in my apartment about 4:00 and decided it was a good time. I ate the shrooms and drank out of my gallon of oj bottle. I was feeling good before the trip and everything else worked out perfectly....I wouldn't have had such a good trip if I did it somewhere else or felt shitty. I'm suprised of this because I hated the place/situation I was in at the time.

One of my roomates was gone and the other was doing laundry, coming upstairs every so often.

Just after taking them, I just kept swiggin the oj and sitting down....I was confterble there, just sitting and thinking about nothing in particular. I later began to feel something approaching inside me but outside my relm of contiousness. My body felt good, I felt like I had some substance to me. I don't remember eating much food before, maybe some chicken nuggets a while ago (this was good).

I noticed the oj started to taste a little better than usual. I was at level 1 here, it lasted for about 2 hours or so. It consisted of just feeling happy and thinking as I sit confortably. My roomate came up a few times to get some clothes, I watched her every time and she never even noticed I was there. She was wearing a bright pink tie-dye shirt and I liked it. Later on she saw me laughing and drinking oj....I happily eased her confusion with saying "I'm trippin!", I laughed my ass off because she thought I was tripping with them the night before.

The whole time I had TOOL's live song named 3rd eye on repeat and up loud. Finally my roomate said something about it but I ignored her because she doesn't understand or care to understand a band as awesome as TOOL. I found the first part of that song so profound- "Think for yourself......question authority." I love TOOL and recomend them to anyone with an open-mind. I was starting to see visuals a little. I never really got visuals on acid ever, tripping for me was always a psycological thing. I think I was about Level 2 about now.

At this point, I was in the bathroom, staring at my reflection in the mirrior. At first I made a bunch of faces and eventually I looked demonic when I smiled as much as I could (wich seemed impossable for me with my tiny mouth), I wasn't scared of my own reflection ever, just intrigued by it. My roomate said that it's bad to look into the mirrior while tripping, but I think if you are scared of something, you should confront your fear, and fearing yourself seems absurd. If anything, it was just the opposite for me- I felt like I was getting to know myself better.

When I would ask myself a question, I would get an answer. It was awesome. I just stared into my eyes and at my face. I saw how handsome I was as well as how ugly I was....depending on my focus. I welcomed the uglyness thow, afterall, it was me (not that I'm ugly or anything). I wasn't really uglyness as much as seeing every pore on my face and all the dirt and oil from your skin. I washed my face.

I was approaching Level 3 about this time. I watched my features turn feminine and sometimes elfish, this intregued me, I would then think about my repressed feminine side of myself (if I had one) and I began to think of my anima who appeares in my dreams/daydreams to confort me. I began to cry. I miss her, whoever she is....although I feel like I know her intimately, like she is almost a part of me (I guess she is) or someone I knew (but I don't know). It seemed like I was almost able to be in her presense again, it felt like I was behind a see-thru wall with her on the other side.... I would pound on the wall and scream for her. She seemed an essential part of me. I was so close to her and at the same time so far away.

I than precieved reality as a game, and I was an actor in it. I 'took my mask off' and stared into the game from outside laughing at it with others.

After that I saw God.

I was Christian and I believed 100% in it up until this point. It all just crumbled away with ease. I knew everything at this point- I was One with God. I saw a huge ball of the purest white light, abought the size of 100 stars combined. It gave a sense of knowledge and bliss with its rays of light. I noticed a bunch of small balls of energy were everywhere, moving into God while others were moving out of God. It occured to me at this time that these were souls, and God is one Giant soul.....I am part of God. I am God. God is me. HOLY.....!!!

This was real, it felt real, I knew this was true. All my life, I would have died for my beliefs.....now that is all trashed. I knew the truth now. I found it slightly humerous. I felt like I knew something most people don't know and will ever know.....I felt powerful knowing this (self-esteem wise), because I can just remind myself of this when people are being jerks to me and smile.

After seeing God, I thought of humanity and how much humans suck! We have so much within us and we don't ever use it or even realize it's there, within all of us. How much anger and sadness- it's all silly. We have gotten this far, so why can't we keep going? I feel that the momentum is slowing and we will all become angry, lazy selfless bastards living with greed and discust of everyone and everything else. People are so stupid and they should'nt be.

I then started to think about society and how much it sucks. Things that should be destroyed= money, Clocks and watches, TVs and churches. We don't need it. All we need is ourselves and nature.

The peak was long-lasting and not too intense, although I couldn't imangine a more intense trip, if there was anything more than this, it would be awesome. I was precieving everything as if it was 4th dimensional. I noticed my skin turn magenta, or a mixture of magenta and a real saturated orange. Everything had some tint of beautiful color to it. I noticed the sunset was beautiful and the light was real orange- giving everything a glow. I stared at my keyboared as I was typeing, I could see green and orange in the keys, not just white. I was writing everything that I could think of that I felt and experienced. It was all so profound.

My keyboared had keys that were not functioning, but I still typed. In fact, it kinda gave what I wrote a more bizarre feel. I wrote as the title "A Transitton frm the ther side f cntiusness".

I could write forever, but I don't want to take up too much room or you wouldn't read it. I'll let you go with these words:


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