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1st time alone

I just started using chemical substances this summer, at age 25.

I just started using chemical substances this summer, at age 25. I've been doing ecstasy, regulary, and I wanted to try mushrooms. This would be my first time trying a psychadelic substance....and on top of it...alone.

I got home from work on a Monday night, and wound up having a fight on the phone with my younger brother. I just got a hold of 5 fresh average size shrooms. I was very eager to try them and did a lot of reading up on trip reports and effects. So, I felt confident I could handle it (thinking I'd take a small dose the first time). After I got back from the video store to try to acquire a movie to watch while tripping, I blended up my shroom concoction. I blended two mushrooms with a vitamin C tablet and a glass of orange juice. I drank this mixture down around 8:00 pm. I started watching tv. I found Tom & Jerry on the Cartoon Network and was laughing my ass off. After an hour of not really feeling much, I decided to go out for a walk in my neighborhood.

I started walking around the block, and I started to feel a little bit of the mushrooms kicking it. My legs felt a little weak and tingly. I noticed the beauty in the trees and everything around me seemed really clear. Sounds and smells were very intense.

I came back in after a half an hour, and decided to eat two more mushrooms...seeing that I really wasn't feeling much (after 1.5 hours). I had some deep trance playing in the background (really cool when you're on E). I decided to smoke some a joint, after hearing others reports that weed will boost your trip. After the joint, I ate one more shroom (for a total of 5).

Fifteen minutes after smoking, It hit me! I had an intense body buzz. So, I went to the washroom and saw that my pupils were pretty dilated. I stared at the bathroom light, and then down at the mirror. I saw what appeared to be the bathroom light, and to morph into a colorful circle that started to fly around on the mirror like a spaceship.

At this time...I layed down on the couch...as the weed was making me a little tired. So, I closed my eyes and started to let my imagination run wild. I was seeing all kinds of weird shapes and objects. The minute I tried to concentrate on something and focused, everything changed...kind of like one of those crazy computer screen savers. It was almost like fliping to a different tv channel every 3 seconds.

I then kinda lost track of time as I was lost in my imagination. I started looking around the room...and I felt like a little boy scared in his bedroom afraid of monsters. The door handle on my closet door looked as if it was some man's face (all white) peeking out at me. I kept glancing around the room and things looked scary. I then said to myself that I'm tripping and was ok then. I then started to concentrate on the trance music I was playing. I had a really intense body buzz, which I believe I was peaking. I curled up into a little ball on the couch with a blanket covering me. The strange thing was that I was having these slight convulsions, kinda like when you get the chills...but it wasn't painful. When they were over, I smiled and started giggling.

I started to come down and decide to go to bed...around 12:30 - 1:00 am. It was hard to get to sleep. The comforter that I threw over myself was giving me this intense feeling against my body (like when someone touches you on E).

I eventually got to sleep...and felt wonderfull in the morning. I want to try shrooms again...probably go for like 5 or 6 shrooms all at once.

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