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FastFred's Media Cookbook

A cookbook of media recipes.

FastFred's Media Cookbook (v0.98)(Copyright 2004)
by FastFred


1.  The basics...

A. Classic Favorite Recipes

Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA)(FDA M127)
Potato Dextrose Yeast (PDY)
Malt Extract Agar (3%)(MEA)(General Microbiology)(FDA M93)
Malt Extract Agar with Yeast (2%)(MEAY)
Sabouraud's Dextrose Broth and Agar (SabDex or SDA)(FDA M133)

B. Special Blends

"Karo Water" (Corn Syrup Broth)
"Dextrose Tek" Liquid Media (Corn Sugar Broth)
Honey Water (Mycotopia Honey Tek)
Malt-Yeast-Peptone Agar (McKenna's MYP)
Malt Yeast Peptone Agar (Stamets MYP)
Grey Cardboard (instead of agar)
Oatmeal Flake Agar
Moonflower's Rice Malt-Alfalfa-Brewer's Yeast Agar
MycoPsycho's Liquid Mycelial Culture Broth [Malt base]
Ragadinks Liquid Medium
Amaranth Soy Agar
EntheoGenesis No.442

C. Food Based Recipies and Variations

Corn Meal Agar (CMA)
Cornmeal Dextrose Agar
Potato Flake Agar
Potato Starch Agar
Potato Flake Agar with Yeast
Potato-Carrot Agar
Barley Flour Malt Extract Agar
Barley Flour Modified Sabouraud's
Oatmeal Agar (OA)
Oatmeal Agar A
Oatmeal Agar [B]
V-8 Oatmeal Agar
V8 Medium
Bean Agar
Faba Bean Dextrose Agar (FDA)
Pea Agar
Cabbage Agar
Dr. Pollock's Modified [Dog Food] Agar

D. Other Media and Alternate Formulations

Potato-Glucose Agar 1
Potato-Peptone Medium
Potato-Peptone-Yeast Agar (PPYA)
Malt Agar (MA)(FDA M185)[aka 2% MEA]
Difco Malt Extract Broth (FDA M94)
Malt Extract Agar for Yeasts and Molds (MEAYM)(FDA M182)
Malt Extract Peptone Agar
Raper & Thom MEA (RTMEA)
ISP 2 Medium (Malt, Yeast, Glucose)
Yeast Extract Agar (YEA)(FDA M181)
Yeast Glucose Agar
Glucose and Yeast Extract Agar
Glycerin Yeast Agar
Manure Tincture
Manure Agar
Water Agar (aka Starved Agar)
Gelatin Agar (GA)(FDA M54)
Plate Count Agar (SMA)(aka Standard Methods Agar)(FDA M124)
Nutrient Agar (FDA M112)
Starch Agar (FDA M143)(Nutrient agar with starch)
Starch-Yeast Agar
1/5 Starch-Yeast Agar
Long-term Preservation Medium (FDA M85)
Peptone Meat Agar (Meat Water)

E. Common Solutions

Gentamicin Sulfate Solution (FDA M57)

F. Sources

The basics..

For solid media use a 2% agar concentration.
For semi-solid media use 0.2-0.5% agar concentration.
Feel free to vary the concentration anywhere in between to get your preferred gel strength.  I usually use around 1.5%.
Measure this by weight, or figure out some sort of conversion if you don't have a scale.  As you can see though, even pretty small measurement errors will give you significant variations in gel strength.

Your carbon source (sugars) should be no more than a maximum 4% concentration.  Lowering this promotes faster and more rhizomorphic growth as the mycelium will actively be seeking out more nutrients rather than being saturated and unmotivated.

Section A: Basic recipes

Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA)(FDA M127)

200 g Potato infusion [dilute to 1L total, ~4g solids]
 20 g Dextrose 
 20 g Agar 
  1 L Distilled water (dH2O)

To prepare potato infusion, boil 200 g scrubbed, sliced(unpeeled) potatoes in 1 liter distilled water for 30 min. Filter through cheesecloth, saving effluent, which is potato infusion (or use commercial dehydrated form). Mix in other ingredients and boil to dissolve. [Dilute to obtain 1 L final volume] Autoclave 15 min at 121

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