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the best trip so far

around the third time i have really triped

the night started well i just got dont drying the B+ strain mushrooms and just from wieghing experiance i had about an ounce which i figured was plenty figureing that there was going to be about three or four of us eating them. so i took the 45 minutes back to my home town and went to the local summer carnival that was going on payed a bunch of money for the over priced shitty lemonaid and waited till night and watched the fireworks. i met up with my friend and his girlfriend and waited till the fireworks where done and he set off for his house as i set off to meijers to get some simply orange ( the best orange juice for tripping in my opinion). anyways so i split the whole ounce between three people so we each had about 9 or so shrooms to eat and we started off slow eating shrooms drinking orange juice and my friend befor i know it ate about 7 or so and i had about 5 maybe 6 and his g/f had about 4 (she through some of them up when she started to hack. it was both of thier first time doing them. so we sat around smoked a join and by the time the join was done it started to hit us. at first it was tame then gradually ever 5 minutes it went up almost a full lvl. so about an hour later i found myself lay in a dark room on the floor feeling shrooms grow up around my fingures. i looked up and i saw them hundreds of shrooms on this floor  with bright mother of pearl caps. then i closed my eyes and opened them looking at the carpet and seeing on every peice of carpet an little mother of pearl tip getting closer to the carpet it started to disapear and i started falling into space. i felt and saw stars moveing around me and i started to fly around planets i have never seen befor but some of them had rings and some of them didnt. so that went on for awhile i think, my time perception was very off. and allt he sudden my friend start to have a bad tripp. he got up and screamed and i realized he ate more than i did and it was his first time. good thing is gf and my gf where being watchers (p.s. usually have a watcher, its just safer that way). so we all started to crawl around the house for some reason i did not want to walk and i did not want to be in the light it just hurt my eyes and made me nervous. so after about 3 hrs and after we hit peak which consisted of watching the cealing move and desighns foring on each section makeing each tile moveing the oposite way of the tile next to it. anyways after the peake we smoked a joint thinking it will ease my friends trip a little bit. this was anything but true not knowing that it will make it worse he started to go back into his ranting again none stop talking about nothing and him thinking hes going to die. at the point i felt bad and it was 4am and decided we should sleep after the first atempt at sleep. all in all it was a very good time for me but we will see if my friend will ever do them again after his unsavory experience with them.

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