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Growing Grass


So it was a friday night, like a couple days away from 420... and i bought and eighth of shrooms. My first time i didnt eat enough, i ate like a little under a gram.  I was very excited to trip, everything was perfect. We started off at like 8 oclock by smoking a bowl. 15 mintues later we were blazed as hell and we listened to some music and chilled.

FInally the time came... it was like 9 30 and i whipped out the shrooms. And my friends were amazed, they didnt know that i had bought them. HOLY FUCK! AHAHAH, and they laughed their asses off even though it wasnt that funny. They inspected them as if it was Gods hand that fell from the sky.  So i took em back and split the eighth in half (making one gram). One of my friends was experience with shrooms and told me to chew them until they were mushy like baby food.

They didnt taste bad because i had cotton mouth from the last bowls i had. They actually tasted OK. So i ate a little more. Everyone had their own bud so we each loaded a bowl. And we smoked and smoked some more.  I remember this perfectly... we were in our house and it didnt have power... and we had candles, it was so tight. We passed the pipes and bongs, and finally i recognized that everythiong was inhanced... it looked so beautiful. And the smoke blew me away and made me wanna cry because it looked so cool and beautiful.

So we decided to go TPing with 24 rolls. We decided on a perfect guy. He was a total asshole and he always got us in trouble as kids. So we were walking on a main street blazed as hell and i was on shrooms, not the best idea. When i looked a a tree and its leaves inder a street light it looked amazing. I was dumbfounded. While everyone was laughing at a chinese guy we hangout with i was just being amazied by everything around me. I looked at a car that drove by and i looked like i was in a video game. And when i closed my eyes i saw  bunch of shit i cant even describe. I thought everything was funny too. I laughed when my friends laughed even if i didnt hear what was funny.

At last we reached the house. It was like one. A couple of us were tweaking about it, but i felt badass and i grabbed a roll outa the bag looked at everyone and threw it up in the tree. I felt like i threw it 100 feet in the air but when i came back to see the TP job the next day it was like 5 feet. Everyone cheered and garbbed a roll. When i bent over to pick up a roll i looked at the grass, and holy fuck! It was the coolest thing every. It was brown and black and a dark tint of green and every single blade looked like a meal worm... and they were wiggling up out of the ground. I didnt know weather to be scared shitless or to be amazied. So basically the grass was replaced with meal worms and it was growning rapidly. Finally we all got tired walked home and we all passed out on teh trapoline.

It was a hell of a night, one of the best nights of  my life. Thanks God for shrooms...

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