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I thought I'd be the Ayahuasca king...

Now I eat humble pie.

Please also see D's trip report from this night here.

My friend (D) and I, had decided to prepare a Yage at the beginning of the week. Being a pro at doing mushrooms often, I assumed this would be a relatively easy trip. Here's what I ordered.

100g Mimosa Hostilis
100g Syrian Rue

I wasn't able to be at home for when he came over to make the brew on Friday, so I left him an email with a link to a recipe on Erowid's site that deals with these two materials. I also left a list of intentions to be spoken to the brew while he made it. My list was as follows:

I wish to alter my mental state so I refrain from self destructive behaviors.

I wish to understand things far beyond that of what a human may understand
    - I wish to understand the energies that surround me
    - I wish to understand the energies that sustain me
    - I wish to understand the energies that fabricate me
    - I wish to understand the energies that educate me

I wish to visit dimensions that I have previously enjoyed, and even new ones that I have yet to experience.

I wish for the knowledge to visit these dimensions even long after the Yage.

I wish for the knowlege to save humanity and our Earth from destruction.

I wish for all of these, especially if it benefiets me and those around me.

Great, so he makes the brew. He decided not to follow the recipie, and he used ALL of the ingredients. He also used lemon juice to kill some of the taste. I spoke with him about it, concerned about the Syrian Rue. After checking several experiences that people have had with it,  we decided it shouldn't be a problem and we proceeded anyway.

We had to wait for my friend, S to show up, as he wished to partake in the Yage, so I made a playlist on my computer. The bands included but were not limited to: Shpongle, Entheogenic, Zero One, Electrik Zen, Dot Allison, Brian Eno, Kaya Project, Solar Fields.... We had about 24 hours of music set on random when I was done, and I thought it would be good that fate decide what we listen to from those carefully selected bands.

S showed up at about 12:45 AM, so we started drinking the brew at 1:00. We had ready a pot, a large empty coffee tin, and a big mixing bowl to serve as vomit recepticles. I'm really glad we had these.

D took a sip of the brew first, and said it seemed extremely potent, so we started doing it one gulp at a time, waiting if we felt like we were going to hurl. We didn't want to purge too soon. I took a gulp, and at first I thought the taste was more mellow than mushrooms, then I released my breath. The taste made the flavour of dry mushrooms seem like a godsend. We slowly choked our brew down. D finished his coffee cup, S came close. I was a little further behind (My cup was a bit bigger, so I didn't quite get all the way through.)

We sat a while, and I started experiencing some minor distortions in my vision, and we got giddy at a few points. But I could not get over the crappy feeling in my stomach. I mentioned that we should all puke at the same time. D agreed, S didn't really want to. D and myself decided to induce vomiting, which really wasn't hard at all. All we had to do was contract our stomach muscles. I was first to hurl, D followed. It was a lesson in pain for me, as I had something to eat beforehand (I was in a social situation where I really couldn't avoid it previously, so I kept it to a minimum.) D did ok though, and right after we finished S threw up too. After that, we felt much better, and we cleaned up our vomit recepticles and put them in the kitchen sink. S kept his with him.

I started jamboreening about the kitchen like a fool when I realized just how high I was. It felt like at least a level 2 mushroom trip after we puked. I was laughing, and moving about like a wet noodle in a dryer. D thought this was quite amusing. We went and sat down, and asked S how he was doing, and he said fine. The phone rang, it was my roommate.

"So who's all over?" he asked. I knew we had this conversation earlier on in the night. He was a bit intoxicated. Unfortunately, at this point I realized I couldn't comprehend anything or string together logical sentences.

"I don't know man."
"Is S over?"
"I'm not sure. I don't think I'm here even. Where is here?"
"Are you wrecked or what?"
"I don't know man, I cant talk on the phone. I have to go."
"Ok, I'm not coming home tonight, so see you tomorrow."
"Ok, bye."


Good, I thought, that's probably for the better. I laid down and started tripping EXTREMELY hard, covered in my warm blanket.

Reality slowly started to go out the window in the next five minutes, and I was extremely nauseous. I saw vines coming out of myself, legs sprouting out of the blanket, colorful apparatuses as part of the coffee table, and I felt a very strong presence of a woman. It was the Vine Goddess. She seemed much like a mother to me. As helpless as I was, morphing in and out of different dimensions, with complete ego loss, she stayed with me through the really bumpy parts.

The syrian rue was like a stern father that put me over his lap and gave me several lashes across my psychic ass. I was being punished for assuming too many things about the sacred brew. I realized I was taking a real beating and that I was going to vomit again, so I somehow ran to the kitchen and grabbed my barf pot, and managed to grab D's barf bowl.  I honestly thought I was going to puke on the floor.

"Are you having more?" D asked.

"NO! Puke..."

"Oh, you're going to puke again?"

I stared into the bottom of the chrome pot. Feeling extremely uneasy. We had a green laser star projector running and I could see the light from the lasers reflected in the bottom of my pot. Not for long. I tossed my cookies long and hard, but it wasn't quite as unpleasant this time. The only implication is the fact that I was tripping so hard so it made it seem like forever and I thought I'd never stop.

That was something interesting as well. It seemed like AEONS that we were completely fucked.  Time moved incredibly slow, and in most cases didn't even exist in the places I went.

After puking, I felt like crap for a little while, but I slowly was able to muster the mental power to drink some water from the glass that was sitting right next to me.

The phone rang again. It was now 2:30 in the morning.

"Just turn the ringer off, D."

"It's B..."

"Just turn the ringer off, we're too fucked."

He answered it anyway, my roomate was at our friends place staying the night. He has a tendency to call and check up on us, which is a nice thing to do as a friend, but the phone ringing so late was just stressing us out (I hate it when the phone rings when I'm tripping anyway.) So D told him it would be better if he didn't call back in the night. I hope we didn't offend him, but I kind of figured he would have figured that one out after the first time he called on his own.

So there I was, feeling a bit better, still getting my ass handed to me. All we could do was listen to music for a long time until finally around 4:00 we were able to start stringing logical sentences together. I felt much, much better than anything at that point, and my condition only improved. We started applying metaphors and things to our experience. We were still having trouble making heads or tails of physical reality though. We laughed our asses off, talked about what we learned, and shared the most absurd thoughts.

It's important to mention that for most of this time, as well, S was kind of trapped between dimensions. I felt bad for him, he had a bumpy ride. Finally he passed out though. We finally went to bed at around 5:30.

D awoke me at 7:00, and was telling me about this experience he just had communicating with an alien, and when he was looking at the CD's in the room he was in, they all appeared to be in a completely alien language. We then engaged in some really crazy telepathy. I was feeding him messages using only my mind, inadvertently. Then we tried to harness it. We were successful playing a guessing game for a while, but I guess we weren't meant to have that power for long, so we went back to sleep.

I awoke around 10:30 still feeling a little frazzled, I checked on S. He's fine. Bonus.

In conclusion, I learned several extremely valuable lessons last night. I was humbled, schooled, and I got my ass kicked. But wow, do I ever feel phenomenal today. I am glad I went through with this, and I remember the parts when I asked D to make it stop, and he just told me to stick with my intent. Thank goodness I did this with someone as spiritual as him, it did help quite a bit. This is definitely something I'd do again, but in the future we're going to be wary of the Syrian Rue. It's got the word "Rue" in the name for a reason, I reckon.

So, here's a few things I now know before I go:

-Do not abuse the sacred vine
-Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it (I got a lot of what I wished for. Holy SHIT.)
-I wasn't a psychonaut to the degree I thought I was
-Follow the damn recipies, they're out there for a reason

I hope this article helps anyone interested in partaking in the Sacred Medicine. Thanks for reading, and may bliss flow from you like a torrent of lava from an erupting volcano.


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