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My Very First Trip

Amazing, but yet not so.

This is my first trip, and my first trip report so bare with me. Time means nothing as I have no idea when things happened.

My supplies were :

5 grams of shrooms(3 for me 2 for my friend)
1 gram of leftover weed

     I'll start out by saying the day started out with me asking my father for some money (40 dollars). I called my best friend "M" who had the connection to get shrooms. Told him my plans for the night , and he agreed. The only problem is my friend only had 10 dollars. I was orignially intending to try 4 grams for my first trip but felt sympathy for my pal and reasoned I would give him one of my grams. With the plan set, my father brought me to my friends house and we began the journey to retrieve the shrooms. It was a fairly long walk to the dealer's house, I was reasonable upset about this but I had been researching and reading up about shrooms for so long nothing could dampen my mood. Today was the day I would finally trip for my first time. It wasn't a fantasy anymore. So the walk began. Time passed. I got alittle tired, and to be honest alittle lost. I was getting alittle agitated that my friend kept getting us lost and I was afraid this would bring me to having a bad trip because of my state of mind, but like I said nothing could possibly bring my hopes down. We finally arrived. We were told to meet in the back. And so we did, we were greeted by a friend and told us to come inside his apartment. We weant inside and watched him scale our shrooms out and conversed about how excited we were. The shrooms were delivered with much excitement i threw them in my pocket . Then the walk back to my friends house. We stopped on some stairs and decided to take a break and smoke a ciggarette. Thinking in my head the whole time"I can't believe I have a bag of shrooms in my pocket. I decided to try shrooms for my first time here because this is one of the most comfortable places i know... His parents are wicked kool about this sort of thing and didn't mind at all even the slightest bit. The only problem was we were supposed to be baby sitting his little sister. This was a big drawback. But turns out we didnt have to baby sit ( thank god).

    This is where the fun starts. We smoked alittle bit of the gram of chronic we had in my gas mask out in his back yard.  Weant in his room and chilled out . Around this time it had already been dark for alittle while. While in his room we eagerly ate our shrooms. The taste was not as bad as I had imaginied , quit tasty and satisfying considering I had major munchies. We washed them all down with a tall glass of milk , and waited for the journey to begin. From this point on it gets fuzzy. The point from not tripping to tripping is easily distorted. I weant one minute from being extremely high to the next tripping. My first notice of tripping was outside on the front porch while smoking a ciggarette. I kept looking at the trees and they seemed different, more significant swaying in the wind. This was odd to me. As I never felt this way before. And I completely had forgotten about the shrooms and just weant with the flow. The smoke was incredible. Inhaling and exhaling it felt good. All of a sudden I look up at this one tree. And see face looking back at me. Confused I looked away. I then started dazing at the sky, and one particular star which seemed utterly beautiful. When I looked away from the star my vision was clouded with what seemed to be a stereotypical star shaped pattern. Feeling really weird about it all, we weant inside. Back in his room sat, nothing seemed the same. It was like everything in his room was his but it didn't seem like the same place we had just left. Standing was really hard but not like being drunk. We wobbled back and forth like a bunch of idiots having a blast. I then layed down on his bed waiting for what I had been waiting for so many months to expirience.

    I noticed nothing until I looked down at my own chest. My body seemed to be two dimensional and I was looking it at at an extreme angle. It gave it an almost stretchy look. I then got up to try to fix his sliding closet door which had fallen off the track. And as soon as I picked the door up the whole door grew a vibarnt color of yellowish gold. This was incredible to watch. But I decided to set the door down and lay back down. I then looked at the door to his room. I was immediately immersed in it. I saw faces in the patterns of the wood that had trails. This was an extreme shock as the faces seemed to scare me. I decided to wrap myself up in a blanket due to fear. Almost on the verge of a bad trip i remembered, this isn't real. I ate some magic mushrooms that's all. This greatly improved my mood. As I lay there wrapped in this blanket off in my own little world I kept noticing the clock and wondering why it seemed frozen in time. Even though everything felt to me like ages.  I kept staring at the blanket due to the pattern moving and morphing being incredibly mind blowing. Again laying wrapped in the blanket it seemed to movie on it's own as if it were alive, like a snake strangling it's prey. Suddenly a strange bump in the blanket as if something was sitting there next to me underneath the blanket appeared I then through the blanket off at the sight of this. At this point thing's get wierd. I noticed the walls looked different. They looked as if they were melting. As I sit there staring at the walls what felt like hours the doors bursts open and it is M's mom asking if we are alright. This was a good mood lifter and made me feel at ease, knowing someone was making sure we were ok. Even though she made fun of me for "me and my wall" :P . She left and the trip continued. We put some christmas lights on and turned off the lights. This was immensly beautiful. Then I noticed the chair M was sitting in seemed to be moving on it's own. It looked as though it were going to swallow him whole.

    As I put my attention on M wondering what he must be feeling after all this silence. His face started to moprh and bend. This was highly amusing. We both related what type of visuals we were having. We both gazed at the carpet which seemed to grow mountains from it. M then pulled a ciggarette out of nowhere which was confusing me for some time. We then decided smoking a stogg would mellow us out. Forgetting about the cold, I weant outside without my hoody. This was a mistake. Being out in the cold on shrooms is not fun. I felt like I had to be anywhere but outside. I hurried and fninshed my ciggarette as fast as I could and weant back inside. This is when I had to use the bathroom. I weant into the bathroom shut the door and did my business. Flushed and as the water weant round and round a sudden exitement came up in me. This toilet flushing became an instant joy of laughter. It was rather amusing. I told M to come and he joined me in the laughter. Then we both stood up and looked in the mirror. Seeing us both there was like looking at  two different people. Faces seeming to morphin and bend and our skin seemed to stretch and if being pulled back.  I then sat down on the toilet (sit down) and looked at the shower curtain.  It was flowing with such grace. Then was seemed like blood seemed to appear , this slightly frightened me as I did not want to freak out but it quickyl weant away. I then turned to face the window and it to was melting. I put my hand against it and it seemed as though I could morph the window with the tips of my fingertips. This was highly intuiging. After awhile in the bathroom we weant into the kitchen to get something to drink. Pink lemonade. Delicious. We then weant back into M's room and sat down. After watching the faces in the wood and the walls melting for awhile M seemed to pull out this blue bear he had in his room, and the bear illuminated with this amazing blue that seemed to glow and pulsate. He was across the room holding the bear in this hands. The bear then seemed to turn over on its stomach and look at me with arms wide open. This sorta creeped me out and told him to throw the bear. There was also this frog he had in his room on top of his entertainment center. And my glance passed over it as i was watching the room in its glory. The frog seemed to be "ribbitting" and the neck of the frog would bulge. This was really wierd. I threw it in the closet.

M said he had to use the bathroom as well so he left the room and shut the door. It seemed like he was gone for ever. Later found out he weant outside for a ciggarette. But back to my story I lay there in the bed looking and being amazed by what I see when I decided that I'm hearing echoes is the best thing happening at th moment. I then felt the urge to move my lip ring back and forth. This was a bad idea. Because I had extreme cotton mouth and the ring pulled on my skin and made me bleed. I didnt find this out until the day after when I had a huge blood stain and a scab. But M returned and we wandered down to the computer room and sat on the computer for some time. Long enough for me to come down fully. We then discussed what had just happend and how amazing it really was. We weant outside for our last ciggarette before bed and weant in his room and put on pirates of the carribean 2 and fell asleep.

    The next morning we talked about the whole night and called some friends to talk about how much fun we had. And told eachother we would no doubt do it again.
I have not tried them ever since but I highly want to. This all happened about a month  and a half ago. The present date is June 07  All in all it was an amazing expirience. It's rather hard to place what level trip it was being my first one but I feel Level 3 gives it justice. For my next trip I plan on buying 5 grams just for myself....

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