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Blue meenies

This is about my 12th time doing shrooms...

(intro) Well this is about my 12th time doin shrooms, i planned on drinking that night but things didn't work out and my friend had 4 "doses" of these shrooms called blue meenies, they came in 4 bags less than an eigth which were called doses, and were the strongest shrooms I've done..At the time i did them i wasn't feeling great which turned out being good because i only took a little over half a dose and i still felt like puking..

We set the baggies up on a table all of us had done shrooms at least 5 times and were eager to try these, did them with my friend A and C, C was on ecstasy about 4 hours prior to taking these and was still kinda fucked up..we gobbled down our doses of blue meenies i took a little over half and they each took a whole bag we chased it down with orange juice which i heard makes the shrooms kick in faster which i don't believe but it was still a good chaser......We started tripping and smoked a couple bowls of chronic then decided we should take a walk to the local convenience store.on the way the trees had this kind of glow to them which like made them shine and look like they were growing toward us... when we got there we werre trippin lightly and i got a jolt which was good at the time but was bad after i drank it because i was still thirsty

As we were walking back we found a bunch of kids drinking in a parking lot people tryin to sell coke and such too, we were trippin pretty hard and couldn't handle all the people so we headed back to my house, we got there and chilled on my porch for a while and my brother came out and talked with us and stuff i dont remember about what, we decided to relax for it was like 12:45 at night and we ate the shrooms at about 11:25 maybe 10:45 not sure....the best part was when we put on pulp fiction...man was that a trip, bruce willis's head was like morphing all around this screen and had a weird color to it which was trippy as hell... we couldn't really watch the movie because it was so crazy so we switched to anchorman..now for future trippers... definitely watch anchorman...it was fuckin nuts...We were laughing our fuckin asses off the whole time and wwere comparing people in the movie to people we knew in real life.

all in all i would've done the shrooms a different night, and taken two times the dosage to get more visuals to kick in..But these shrooms were fuckin gross and pretty powerful...

don't plan on doing shrooms again hope to switch to a new drug but i might do 1 last dose of like 4 grams


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