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Whos in there

I had eaten shrooms previously but had small up to medium amounts in the past.

I had eaten shrooms previously but had small up to medium amounts in the past. On this day I ate 11 decent sized blue meanie shrooms fresh from out of the ground.

I knew after only 20 minutes I was in for a wild trip as the nausea was at least 5 times greater than I had ever had it previously. I became a little nervous because of the intensity of the nausea and it didnt go away. Then the realisation that I had gone a little to far for my expectations.

I had taken 2 friends with me out into the enchanted forest where I find my shrooms. 1 didnt trip the other had a mild 5 shroom trip. I had also taken my stereo, some toy figures and a video camera with me.

I had a spider on the end of a piece of string and I got my friend to film me as I made it dance on a Amanita mushroom that was with us. I did this constantly for at least 3 minutes totally mesmerised by the beautiful ballerina like movements the toy spider was making.

All of a sudden my normal consciousness came back as though it had been thrown like a baseball into my head. I freaked and stopped immediately what I was doing and got up and walked away stareing at the ground. I started to think oh my god. What is happening to me, have I gone to far. I then grabbed my toy butterfly and started to jiggle it as well. The colours totally had me mesmerised and it looked like it was actually synchronise flying with its shadow on the ground.

I then looked up and started to look around at the pine trees. I started to drift again, started to feel relaxed. I saw octopuses everywhere in the pines. The branches all seem to branch out at the same height up the tree in all directions. They looked like they were drifting through the sky like real ones drift through the water.

It then happened again. I came back and it was now I realised that some kind of possession was happening. I started to freak and I walked down the path a little bit further just staring at the ground and wondering who it was that was taking control of me. Was it a previous life, perhaps the soul of an ancestor who lies within me due to the carry on of genes.

I started to spin around, nothing is normal here I kept repeating, then all of a sudden more shrooms were just appearing everywhere around us. At first I never saw them, now we were totally surrounded by them as though they shinned a invisible protection field around our little camp site.

My straight friend filmed me as I just walked around in circles talking to myself about how distorted the scenery was. I saw 2 turtles of different sizes just off in the distance and a fallen branch that leafed out everywhere looked like a jungle throne. I had to sit down on this. As I dropped and actually planted myself down on the branches, my normal mind hit me again. This was starting to get to weird, I had to keep telling myself that Im tripping to hard and thats all, I will be ok.

I tried to relax as I sat back in my nature throne just listening to the music and looking at the scenery but the colours were to intense. The beautiful colours you would normally see became so intense that it was like looking at the sun everywhere. The blue coat on my friend was shinning like a blue giant star. The green of the trees was that deep that I felt like I was in one of those fantasy paintings with unicorns. My eye lids wouldnt shut so I had to get up and move around again.

As I did I came across a piece of wood that looked like the skull of a Dragon. I was happy to see this and I bent down to look at it more closely. I noticed a piece of loose bark hanging from it, I touched it and it moved like its mouth. I then started to move this loose bit of bark with a stick making the head sing to the music playing. Then I came back again. This was becoming nightmarish. I was wondering if I would ever come back properly now. I had to keep telling myself I will be ok.

The next thing Im dancing down the path, I figured if I just danced to the music until this intensity dropped Id be ok. I was wrong for it continued to happen here as well. I once again had a hallusenation of a thick sized white gum branch moving along the ground like a squid. I put my hand out and tried to concentrate on elivating it into my hand. All of a sudden I felt like I was Luke Skywalker in star wars.

Finally I got it into control, this is when I looked in the sky and saw a cloud that was a perfect flying saucer shape. My 2 other friends looked at it while I started to walk around in circles trying to figure out what the hell had just happened to me.

Fortunately the friend that didnt take the shrooms was highly spiritual already for he had seen forever in a girls eyes and since then had focused all his spiritual energy to love. He explained his story to me and I understood it as though I had already been there before him. My mind like everyones has some amazing heavens within them. Mushrooms were my keys to unlocking the door and now everytime I take marajuanna I walk a little further in due to nothing more than awareness.

Let me leave you with this last bit of personal philosophy which Im sure everybody would agree on in there own personal ways.


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