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High level 3 Trip...first time

Wow...fun is all I can say..

It started at my house, I had bought a 1/4 of EQ's for me and a friend, and actually got 1 gram extra after weighing it. Me and my friend, who I'll call V, broke the shrooms up intp small pieces because we planned to eat them in a peanut butter sandwhich.

We decided not to take all at once, as neither of us had any experience with anything psychoactive. I took 3/4's of my 1/8th and he took half of his 1/8th. We decided that we could always take more, but never take less. As soon as we took them, we drove over to a friend's house, J, and he drove us around for a bit, as he had some business to do.

As we're sitting in his truck, I start feeling the effects come on. It's about 30 minutes after ingestion, and me and V are laughing at everything basically. J took us back to his house and I sat on his couch for a bit, but then j had to leave and V and me stayed at J's house with his wife.

We got a call from C asking if we wanted to buy some marijuana, of course we did, so we walked to the gas station right down the street and bought 2 oz. of mary jane from her. But while we were waiting for her at the gas station, I was in the bathroom for what seemed like forever, staring at a painting and feeling as if I was in it. After we bought the weed, I walked back to J's without V. V got a ride from C back to J's house.

30 minutes after feeling the first effects, me and V decided to take the rest of our shrooms. I took out my baggie and was looking at it. All the little shroom pieces were sort of running around in the bag it looked like, but I still wanted to take the rest. We didn't feel like making a sandwhich, so we just ate them. Surprisingly, they tasted good, like pumpkin seeds.

J returned and me and J went into his computer room and he was played a computer game as I was just relaxing and listening to the trippy music of the game. I started palying with his little gray kitten which seemed to bat its paws at the straw I was holding in sync with the music. I felt like I was playing a video game with the cat. The cat then morphed into a rat and was crawling behind me, but I wasn't really scared. I thought it was so cool, I was calling it a crat haha. That's a cat-rat. Then I decided to go back on the couch and watch some TV.

I was really hallucinating now, everyone was morphing and the people on TV were turning to demons sort of, but everything was still good. I had a real sense of peace. As I was trying to explain to V what was happening, I felt frusterated, as I could not explain it, and I felt like he wasn't understanding. The colors were so bright and I seen so many of them.

J decided to go to the bank, and I was down to go for a ride. During the ride I saw a couple cars morph into cop cars, it was so weird, but I wasn't really scared. I just had an overall sense of calmness. After we got back to the house, I was in a real state of confusion, I wasn't sure really who I was, or if I was talking to myself or not. i wasn't sure when my lips were moving. It was a very weird feeling, but I knew I was trippin' so I wasn't worried.

As I started coming down, J drove me and V to our house and dropped us off. We sat in the basment for awhile, just watching everything flow. V decided he wanted to go for a walk, and we walked back to J's and got V's car. We drove over the mountain that night for God knows why. Overall, I felt like nothing really mattered and everything was so good. I felt free, like I was discovering the world for the first time. It's something I will definately do more often.

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