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First Mushroom Trip - 2.5 g at least...

intense, frightening, wonderful, enlightening first time

My first trip ever was when I was 17 in High School, and my friend got me a hit of acid as a present. I took half of it, and spent the night alone. Pretty cool time, but tripping alone sucked. Acid was relatively mild, as we tended to go easy on the doses, not digging the metallic feeling and achy limbs afterwards. We never did shrooms, which I'll never understand, since we lived in cow country.

Fast forward 17 years, May 26th, 10:30 PM, on the eve of my  34th birthday. I have wanted to do shrooms for a while now, and finally decided that I would do them for a birthday present for myself. I went out and aquired a few mushrooms the old fashioned way, and also got some cowpies and brought them home. I had one Cope and several Cubes from the first outing, plus I grew a few more cubes and had a bunch of aborts. Things don't always do well on poo, as there are way too many attackers for the shrooms to stay healthy for long. Anyway, I decided to take about 2 grams for my first time. I probably should have only taken about 1.5 or so, but I wanted to make sure I had a real trip and not just giggles and breathing walls. Man, did I have a real trip.

I ended up taking about 2.5 grams dried, which included the aborts, and the one cope. FUCK. I think I miscalculated the psilocybin/psilocin content based on the weight, because I had a strong trip. Since it's my first trip on mushrooms, I can't really judge what a normal 2.5 g dose would be like, but from all accounts, it felt more like at least 3 g. I made a tea, plus ate the shrooms in the tea after drinking it.

The trip came on in about 30 minutes, and things started getting intense pretty quickly. I giggled for a little while, talking to my wife about what I felt and such, then I got sick. Puking sucked, but fortunately, I expected it to happen, so we had a bucket nearby, so it wasn't a huge mess. After the nausea faded (hard to tell when you're tripping) I layed back down on the couch and really started to get off. I decided to queue up some music on my iPod and play with my glowstick for a while, which ended up how I spent the majority of my trip. I closed my eyes and saw tiny fractal worms flowing in 3D space, duotone mushrooms pinning and growing, and many more things I can't remember or explain. Primus was a good time in my headphones, Tool was WAY too heavy and brought on negative feelings which started to steer my trip toward the dark side, Mike Patton's Peeping Tom project was excellent. I would open my eyes and catch a glimpse of Saturday Night Live on the TV which was way too bizarre to deal with while in an augmented reality. I would then focus on my glowstick, which became kind of a centering object, and "push away" the negatives while closing my eyes to delve further into the trip.

I had auditory hallucinations, which were startling, and made me open my eyes and jump about three times. It was like a "WHUMP" "hummmmmmmmm" thing that was like no other sound I've heard. I also heard echoes and other auditory changes as well. I'm not sure what level auditory hallucinations occur at, but I've never had them with acid, and I wasn't expecting them with shrooms, though I'm glad I had them so that I'm familiar with them if I have another experience like that.

After my wife had fallen asleep on the floor, I started coming down a bit, so I tried a few times to wake her up, and succeeded on the third try. We went to bed, I brushed my teeth and it felt like my teeth were shifting. Damn electric toothbrush... I don't recommend using one of these while tripping. Very hard to deal with that sensation. I tried to sleep, and couldn't really discern sleeping/dreaming from tripping. I felt like I wasn't coming out of it, and I had miscalculated the duration of the trip as well, so I kept looking at the clock and feeling like time had stopped. I thought that mushrooms had turned me on to a reality loop, and that everything was experienced on a time slide, in which you could keep experiencing the same moments over and over and never really progress through time. Everything would keep moving from "normality" to "dream/trip" on a constant daily basis, but the dream state was actually a trip and I would keep reliving the trip. I was also afraid that I would wake up and still be tripping, since I hadn't come down when I thought I would.

I feel like I did way too much for a first trip with mushrooms, but I'm not upset that I did so. Just a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. I think I could have controlled the experience a bit more with just a bit less of a dose, but I was trying to escape reality, so I feel like I accomplished what I had set out to do.

I really wanted to open up my creativity, but that hasn't seemed to happen yet. I'll probably need a few more experiences in order to really tap into that aspect of it.

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