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5 hours in the hills

my first experience

After about a year of bad luck with obtaining shrooms, i finally got em this weekend. I'm from a small town in the bay area, so shrooms are often hard to come by. But for the first time, me and my boys decided to drive out to san fransisco, to a place called hippy hill to get ourselves some. So as we headed from haight and ashbury to the park itself, we saw a guy who seemed like he'd be a shrooms dealer. sure enough he was. So after a long walk onto the hill, and back, we were ready to drive the 45 mins back home to enjoy our experience. Out of the 5  people, 2 had already shroomed, and kept telling us that the experience would change our lives.i was just excited, since i had been anticipating this moment most of highschool.

Well we finally got back into town and headed up to my friends house who's parents were gone. Our plan for the week was to head over to his house and spend the night trippin over there in a safe envoirment. But the min we called our friend to tell him we had arrived home with the mush  he told us that he decided he wantd to go out and party instead of doing it with us. So we thought for a while, and just decided to take them anyways park the car and just walk around for the night. After splitting half an ounce out to 5 people we took the hand full of mush and ate it all at once. it  tasted like i had just stuck a ball of dirt in my mouth considering we had nothing to chase it with. after we were all finished  we went to one of our houses to wait for the shrooms to start kicking in and leave before the full side effects came. For the first half an hour i thought they were duds since all i felt was nauseated.our experienced frinds told us that orange juice tasted prety good while shrooming so we got a gallon of that. the glorious taste of the orange juice made me realize i was starting to feel them. then the room around me begin to move around n side to side like i was in a an earth quake. so we all went to my friends room since we all felt like laying down. my friend already had the visualizer on itunes up and couldnt turn away from it. not gona lie the swirling colors were hard to resist. for this 15 mins or so i felt like i had just smoked a blunt or somethin not trippin at all just sleepy. thats when one of us decided that we should get up and move before we all fell asleep.

Thats when i really figurd out i was feeling it. there was some unknown force pulling me different directions, and my legs began to feel like they were melting into the ground. so me and my buddy sat down on a curb for a few minutes and both agreed we were becoming at one with it. thats when we began our slow trek through the neighborhood where we felt safe considering it was guarded n gated so no pigs could bother us. thats when the laughter came. anything and everything we said was hilarious  and some random shit started to come out of our mouths. about 10 mins into our journey i turned and saw something that made me have to double take since i saw some old lady playing an acoustic guitar on her porch. i tried to tell on of my friends who looked at me like i was seeing shit then he himself looked and so did the rest of them as we all started to crack up together. it was my friends neighbor so he  said " fool shut up, thats real" as if it woulda been fake. anyways we wandered around till we found a gate that led us out to the hills. now over the years we had been back there abuncha times while we were high and had enjoyd the scenery so we figurd shrooming there would be just as good. i had no idea how long ago i took them or how long it had been since i had been home or no idea i even had a home. well thats when the peak started.

We had taken them at 6 45  pm and it was now 8 and we were just in time for the sunset. the sky was nothing i had ever seen before. the orange n pink lookd like fire all around and the fog flowing over the hills lookd like towering smoke. the grass from the hills in the distance blew in the wind to make it look like the hills were melting and forming together. a jet engine flew above us and made us all go insane with laughter. then after the sun set at the top of the hill it was time for our journey down.in conversations i would thing one thing but when i tried to get it out it would turn into something completely different and id have to correct myself. everything on the way caused us to stop and have group meetings on what we were feeling and to compare the thing to something in life. plants trees cow feeders and all kinds of things would catch our attention and we would spend at least 20 mins at each nice spot we found. next thing was a water hole that we had seen from far away and called  "the oasis" which was in a ravine surrounded by trees where we couldnt tell if they were floating over the water or not. we spent what felt like hours but was probly only 10 mins down there exploring everything and throwing rocks into the water and watching the ripples for awhile. finally someone realized that it smelled like shit down there and mentioned something  then all at once we realized we were standing in piles of cow shit so we left fast.it was if the smell didnt exist until someone said somethin. after climbing up the hill out of the ravin we all stopped and had another group meeting about what we had seen and our motto for it was " the oasis looks perfect from far away but when you get to it its just another shithole" hahaha.

Well the night continued the same with many stops and deep conversations on the real meaning of life. then at one point we all agreed that we felt soaking wet and i started to get cold and worry about where we were and how long we would stay out there but i just kept sharing these feelings with my friends and it helped me relax again. during this time i forogt anyone or anything else existed and since my phone was off i had no ties to the outside world wich was prety relaxing.thats when night finally came and we couldnt figure out when the sun set and when the dark began because we would forget about the sky and everytime we looked it seemed more stars would appear and the moon would get bigger and bigger to the point where we all belived we could reach out and grab it. i couldnt look at my friends faces for too long because when i did they melted and changed into other people who were prety scary looking and it was the same for them so we just looked up at the sky that seemed only 5 feet above my face and seemed like one of those full dome movie theatres. finally one of us looked at there phones and realized it was 11 aclock already and we decided as a tribe(the new name we came up for for ourselves) that we had to get back to my friends house and figure out how to get back home. Home still felt like a foriegn concept to me and i didnt fully understand where i was really headed. through wandering the nieghbor hood these girls we knew from school pulled up to us asking if we wanted to go party with them and we agreed but only to get ater bottles at her house then left since too many people tripped us out. after a while we had seen two car loads of our friends who had been partying all night and were in different worlds then we were that night. this caused moire discussion. We decided that it was time we start heading home on our own journeys and we were dissapointed to seperate but it was neccesary get where we needed to be. just another life lesson we discovered that night.

finally we made it back to the house and just sat in the garage and relaxed. it felt good to be back in the real world to have food and water and a safe place to be. my boy called his girlfriend to come get us and bring 4 of us back into town since we dont live up in the neighborhood. it was the first car i had been in for 5 hours but it seemed like a week. at every stop we had long conversations about the our experince then finally said peace for  the night. I got to my car which was parked near another friends house and began to drive home. i felt like the shrooms were gone till i started to drive and the road was filled with colored patterns and i would do opposite turns then i meant to, i wouldnt reccomend driving haha. luckily when i got home my parents were asleep since it was about 12. i took a shower to wash all the shit and other dirt off from the hill and just cause it felt amazing. after i got out i was the most relaxed i think i had ever been in my life. as i slept i made sense of all the things i had seen that day and all the lessons i had learned and honestly i figured new things out about life. but since i heard shit in the silence and it started to scare me i turned on a movie which relaxed me enough to pass out and have some sick dreams. the next day i woke up with a new perspective on life. i reccomend shrooms to anyone as long as you have company of your best friends and if you can speak how you feel and just enjoy distorted perception of things, i plan to do it again soon.

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