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mugged in my basement


I have done mushrooms quite a few times, theyr just too easy to get where i live. I have mainly done them with my friend T. One of the best times was when me and my friend decided to pick up a half O with my other friends TB and SO, theyr two girls who had never done mushrooms before and had been asking us for a while to do them with them. We went down to the mall to meet my buddy to pick them up at a mall near my house. After we picked them up we gave TB and SO about 1.5-2 grams each ( didnt want to give them too much because we couldent chill with them all night so we didnt want them to get to fucked up their first time) After we ate a few we caught the bus to a little closer to my house where after a while TB and SO had to go back to TBs house. When me and my friend got home we ate the rest of the sack :P it was a pretty fat sack we had about 6 grams each. About 25 minutes after i ate i started feeling really shivery and cold. My friend said he still wasent feeling them but i remember sitting there and getting the usual feeling when your coming up(feeling light, skin crawling, cold). We turned on my tv and started playing x box, we were playing dark summit, definatly THE most intense game iv ever played, if your going to do mushrooms i DEFINATLY recommand getting it somehow, trippiest game iv ever seen. Anyways after a while i remember me and my friend were both so fucked up i was sitting on my couch not able to control my laughter and sounds i was making. My friend was rambling about some vision quest he had taken when he ate a bunch of fresh wild mushrooms a while ago. I decided to draw a while into my trip so i looked for my pencil and a canvas. I remember how aggravated i was because i could not find a pencil, i flipped my ps2 looking for one(my ps2s sorta fucked now it has some small errors but still works :P) We watched tv and chilled with my cat for a while(my cat was pretty sick at the time but shes better now) and played more x box. It was definatly a fun night and I have done it several times since.

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