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My first trip

Detailed, well organized, paragraphed: good read, if you ask me.

My first experience happened on March 13, 2005; I was only 18 at the time. The day before I had been hanging out with Brandon and Shannon (both who have done shrooms on several occasions), and rather randomly the topic of shrooms was brought up. At this point, I had only been smoking weed for about 7 months and I never drank (at least never enough to get drunk or barely buzzed). Brandon remarked about being about to obtain them, and Shannon says to me, "You want to do shrooms tomorrow?" I thought why not, and agreed to it. I didn't really know a whole lot about shrooms and Shannon told me some very essential things about them that I needed to know. I was rather excited about them, and I tried to avoid having expectations about them so that I wouldn't taint my experience as much.

The next day, Shannon came over around 11 or noon, and we ate the shrooms. I was really excited and kind of nervous. We ingested them with some girl scout cookies, and they tasted really bad. If I recall correctly, I gagged a few times. After we ate them we moved to the kitchen of the house I was living in at the time, and we sat at the table...Waiting. Shannon made a few calls, trying to get a hold of our sitters. While sitting in the kitchen, I was staring out the window expecting to notice a sudden change. We moved to the living room and waited more there, and moved to an empty bedroom and waited on the couch. A Tool CD was playing on the stereo in the living room as well.

After about 20 or 30 minutes, I noticed the body high. My body felt rubbery and when I walked I felt like collapsing to the ground. My tummy felt strange, and I assumed that it was my nervousness (which was mostly positive). We sat outside on the patio trying to hook up the hookah, and I looked down at the cement and the grains were moving around and flowing. I remarked to Shannon and she said that she was seeing the same thing. At some point while we were waiting for things to happen in the living room, my roommate and friend came over and they sort of condescended to us and were kind of assholey. But at the time, I shrugged it off. Anyway, we returned inside and my tummy continued to feel junky. Shannon went to the bathroom and I was just sort of milling around the house trying to understand my tummy and take in these new things happening to me. Shannon got out of the bathroom and I bolted for it. I began to puke rather violently. I don't recall what Shannon was doing at this point, but I was throwing up like crazy. Each time I heaved, it felt like I was getting hit by a car...Not a physical car, necessarily, but more of a mental car...Which produced blue, green/teal, and purple ripples in the toilet water. Although I was throwing up and it was unpleasant, I didn't feel like this was that bad of a trip so far. I really appreciated the visuals that were starting to kick in. I recall waiting in the bathroom, waiting to puke again, and listening to the Tool music and the ripples in the toilet water were dancing to it. So, yeah, I was tripping out with my head in the toilet. I didn't care.

Shannon came in and pulled me out of the bathroom, and we kept getting distracted very easily. I said to her that it was the house that was making me sick. I remember having this intense feeling of discomfort coming from being within that house. So we go outside and start walking. I felt somewhat better once being outdoors. Everything was really bright and vibrant. It was almost like I didn't recognize anything, but I did at the same time. Very dream-like. We walk down the block and cross the street to the next block I stop to bend over and puke. Shannon decides that we should return to house, because throwing up in public isn't normal and people might get suspicious. I really didn't care what anybody else thought at that point. We start walking back to my house and some woman stopped us and asked us something like, "Does the bus run on Sundays?" I clearly heard her ask if the San Mateo Pavillions (a strip mall) run on Sundays. I kept asking, "What?" Because it didn't make sense and nobody would repeat the question for me. All I could think was how stupid she was because the San Mateo Pavillions are stationary. Shannon quickly told her that we didn't know because we don't ride the bus. And we ran back to my house. I refused to go back inside. So while Shannon went back in to get a sweater or something, I waited outside. I sat on the ground leaning against my car and throwing up into my front yard.

While I was waiting, and staring at the xerascape rocks and weeds they began to  morph into each other and move. It was very cliché (or at least I thought so at the time, which amused me). I stared at a weed and it began to grow and move, I really enjoyed it. A neighborhood cat, who I named Steve, came along. I was happy to see him because he made me feel a little better. He appeared to almost float across the yard and it looked very much like a living painting. Steve is grey with stripes, and has huge eyes...Which reminded me of the cheshire cat. I enjoyed his texture and how soft and friendly he was. Shannon returned and told me that we had left the stereo on and the door open. Whoops. We waited out in the front yard for our sitters to arrive. I stared at the sky and the clouds were amazing, and continued to be the most amazing and best parts about my trip. They were laced with blue, green/teal, and purple hues. Mira, the girlfriend of one of my roommates came over at the same time our sitters arrived. I was on my knees in the driveway talking to her. Behind her was a huge cloud system that was flowing and changing all around her. They were bright and giving off a luminance, which made her appear to very angelic. Her presence really made me feel better.

Shannon got into the sitter's car, and they waited for me to finish talking to Mira and begging her to come with us and stay with me. As soon as there was a break in my nausea, I got up and got into the car. Phoenix and David were our sitters. I told Phoenix that I might throw up...So, I opened the window and hung my head out as we drove. Hanging just my head out, turned into me hanging out my entire body up to my waist out. We drove down to this kid's house. On the way I recall staring at other people in cars and it was weird because I felt like they all knew what was going on with me. Hanging out made me feel better. The cool air in my hair and the speed, it felt like I was flying. We got to this kid's house I opened the door while we waited for him to get into the car. There were some people near by, and I wanted to vomit but I got a little self-conscious about it and couldn't do it there. The kid got in and we went to this smoke shop. Shannon and I waited in the car while the other three went inside.

I again opened the door and hung out a bit. I eventually threw up a couple more times. While I was vomiting, I appeared that the vomit was going where I was looking...Because I didn't feel like I was turned in the right direction for it to there. There was  a group of people (maybe like 5 or 6) walking toward us from across the street. There were really benign people in their 30s or 40s, just walking. As I tuned into many different parts of their converstation at once, it sounded like they were speaking in some sort of demon language. It scared me a little bit, but I got over it. Also, I was staring at them and a few were staring at me, and they just seemed to stare at me as they walked by...Speaking their demon language. It was really weird. The clouds remained amazing and there were some birds flying around, which looked really cool.

Eventually, the boys returned to the car and we dropped that kid off at his house. He was very nice and he had a lot of piercings in his face and braces, which made him very shiny and metallic looking. We went to Walgreens. Phoenix went inside and David waited with us in the car. I opened the door again because the more room I had the better I felt. Phoenix returned and we went to pick up Shannon's b/f, Jarvis. As soon as he got into the car, I started to feel a lot better. I stared out the window at the clouds and began to calm down more. We went to a park where David and Phoenix started to drink. Jarvis, Shannon, and I got out. I laid down on a table and just stared at everything. The world was amazing. The park was really green and the clouds were so fractaled and amazing. I started to feel ellated and euphoric. After a short while we left. I didn't want to because I was really loving the park. David and Phoenix dropped us off at Shannon's house, which is already a really comfortable and welcoming house, but I felt really good and safe there. We hung out in her room. Her mom came in and talked to us for a while, she made me feel really good as well. I felt really happy to be with Shannon and Jarvis, I could see the amazing clouds outside the window. We just talked and hung out for a really long time. We both started to come down. I was mildly thankful for coming down sooner rather than later...But I think I was mostly thankful for not throwing up anymore (which lasted 2 hours), I could have totally handled more tripping. The whole thing lasted about 4 hours.

Eventually, we took Jarvis home when we were of driving ability. Then, we came back to my house to pick up the hookah and go back to Shannon's. We smoked the hookah and talked for a long time. Then we called Noah, and he came to hang out. Gerry called, and we got side tracked with talking on Shannon's balcony and then the hookah...We got Gerry, and hung out for a while...We got food at Panda Express. Then, we dropped Shannon off, and picked up Izzy and hung out at Noah's house for a while. Then, we took me back to my car at Shannon's house...And they went home and so did I. I had a really cool day, looking back on it. I wish, though, that I could have had a better trip. What really ruined it was the sick feeling and the puking. Although, the upside to puking was that you get a sudden, VERY intense trip. It really felt like I was being hit by a car. But, still cool in retrospect. Hahaha. I'm very happy that I did them with Shannon my first time, though. Don't know why, but I'm just glad that it was her. And I have to say, that when I was outside and still tripping VERY hard...I felt like I was in a strange world...Like, I knew where I was and what things were...But at the same time, not at all. Like Shannon said, it really was like a child leaving the house for the first time. But I felt like it was kind of like being in some sort of heaven. Although, a heaven where you puke a lot. But, that aside...Just how everything looked. Everything looked unreal. And I really enjoyed it, I must say. After I started to feel better, I just couldn't stop smiling...I really enjoyed that. I felt really happy. Something I really needed I think. There was a point in time, when I recall becoming really aware of my hair, and it felt like it was growing or just moving around. That was fun.

I have absolutely no regrets about doing them. I enjoyed it the entire time, even the vomiting. It sucked because I felt physically bad, and throwing up sucks but the tripping was positive and I still loved the whole time. Although, due to the vomiting, it has taken me about 2 years to want to do them again. I have some plans to do them again on my birthday, and I'm going to try to have more of a concrete plan for what to do. I didn't think just going wherever with whoever was negative, but this next time I'm going to have my b/f with me and he's never done them. So for his sake I will have to plan something out that will make him have an amazing experience, and not have a bad trip. Which involves bringing his best friend along to trip with us. He has done them before, but didn't get a very intense trip. I think creating a comfortable setting is a really important aspect of having a good trip. For several days afterward, I still felt really intrigued with the world and happy. To this day, I feel like they changed my out look on the world and I see things differently. I can still look at clouds and sort of see the shapes I saw while tripping. I can't wait to do them again, and I'm really glad I found this website, because I like to read about other people's experiences. Anyway, everybody else have good and safe trips...And I hope this was a good and worthwhile read!

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