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Drowning in a pool with no water.

CCChaos 10finity

Ok, it all started at Marks house drinkin beer. We had nothing to do so we decided to go to the Hilliard football game. So we get dropped off at the high school and turns out that it was only a red and white game. So were like fuck this shit, lets leave, but we're stuck in Hilliard, so we went to Winn-Dixie and got some TRIPLE C's and called my dad to come get us. So we get home and start poppin 'em. So, Mark and I were sittin in my pool deck which has no pool, (just a deck). Anyway, we each ate 18 Trip le C's (Coricidon HBP) and rolled our fuckin asses off. well we got started on a conversation about how we lived inside the world, not on the world but, inside it. And every 20 minutes or so, Mark would jump up and freak out not knowin where we were. The whole time there is a battle goin on around us, bombs exploding, bullets zoomin by our heads, and little green men tryin to steal our flag that we didn't haveto begin with. the whole time its like i'm flippin through pictures of what is goin on. I have never tripped like that in my life, but i sure do plan on doin it again this weekend. Thanx for listenin. L8ER



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