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I was awash in a sea of colors

It was a Friday and my friend picked up a quad of shrooms to split between four of us. We returned to my friends room to consume them, but K decided that he didn't want to eat them untill later because he had an event to go to in a few hours. My other two friends quickly eat theirs, but I decided to make some chicken soup and add the mushies to that. While breaking up the caps and  stems, I noticed that the caps were full of bright metallic flakes. Since the soup acted similarly to making tea, I started feeling the effects within about 15 minutes. A glow started creaping over me and I started to feel very light of body. This was not my first time trippin, so none of this came as a suprise to me, but I was intrigued by how fast and intense they were coming on. The sun was still shining and it created this intense feeling of being content and happy.  As it  came on stronger I decided to lay down and take off my glasses so that I wouldn't break them. Staring at the popcorn ceiling, I started to see vivid open eyed fractals and everything seemed to be printed in multiple layers of colors, but I could see them all at once. At the peak, I had completely left my physical being and was flying through an endless see of vivid color and euphoria. The feeling of happiness and oneness with the world was the most intense thing I've ever experienced in my life, far more so than I honestly thought was possible. If I had died then, I would have not regretted a single thing in the world and accepted it with open arms. The only way I can think of describing how this felt was that I was in the presence of God. I would periodically realize where I actually was, but then I would slip back into the intense trip. I would try to think in a normal capaciy, but the most I could do was think in pure emotion and sensation. I could hear my friends talking, but when I tried to talk all I could muster was a groan or uncontrolable laugh.

After I started to come off of the peak, I sat up and started talking to my friends, only to discover that my inner monologue no longer existed; the only way that I could think was to talk. My sense of time had also flown right out of the window, minutes became hours, and even though I knew the trip would end in a few hours, it felt like it was going to last for the rest of my life. Fortunately I was able to keep my mind from going to a negative place because of the feeling of being stuck in the trip, by realizing I should just relax and enjoy it, and that it would eventually end. For the rest of the trip, the music perfectly dictated my mood, so it was good that we set up the playlist ahead of time. I remember transforming into the Cheshire cat, a toad, a mushroom, and anytime I looked in the mirror I was some kind of gnome. I recall having amazing realizations about life and the world, unfortunately I trusted myself to remember them, which didn't happen. I'm definately recording my thoughts some how next time, even if it's just to remember my thought process. I never expected such an intense trip off of a dose of that size, but the suprising strength was well recieved. I will certainly trip again, but I imagine I will stick to lower level trips unless I am in a perfectly safe place; because if I wasn't in the exact place I was with the people I was a trip like that could easily turn bad when you forget what being sober feels like, and reality seems elsewhere.

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