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Ginger Mint Mushroom Tea

An infusion that soothes the stomach and calms the mind.

This is my tried and true mushroom tea recipe as well as some variations;


  • ginger chai tea bags
  • magick caps
  • fresh mint leaves (homegrown prefereably, chocolate-minte is my favorite!)
  • 3  lemon twists
  • honey
  • strainer

First of all, when making any infusion the steeping process brings out the flavor, and when done right ,  the medicinal properties. I can't stress enough the importance of a ceramic tea pot. This will keep it hot while it brews, and allow the water to leech out all of the essential oils. 


  1. Begin by cutting caps (fresh or dry, preferably dry) into small pieces. Crush them a little just to break cell walls. Do this like you would gently crush a clove of garlic.
  2. Do not powder the shrooms or it will not strain out from the water. If you  do, you will have to use coffee filter paper to strain it out and this takes forever. Straining out spent caps greatly reduces stomach discomfort .
  3. Cut some lemon twists.  If no lemons are available a little bit of a crushed vitamin C will work. 
  4. Put 2-3 cups of water in the tea kettle. When it comes to a boil pour into ceramic tea pot.
  5. First, dip the lemon slices in the hot  water, then squeeze out the juice.  Now, add finely cut shrooms and stir well.
  6. Next,  add your ginger chai tea bag(s) and mint leaves. Rub the mint leaves in your hands a little first to help them release their oils. Stir well.
  7. Put lid on teapot and allow mixture to brew for the next twenty minutes, stirring at the ten minute mark
  8. Pour through a strainer into a tea cup, put the strained matter back into the remaining tea in the teapot and replace lid.

Large Batches

When making large batches to take to party or festival, make iced tea. Get a case of bottled water. Boil the water from these in a giant pot, and brew in a large insulated water cooler for 30 minutes. The tap on the water cooler makes it easy to refill the bottles. Stop by a McDonald's and steal a gillion sugar packets to handout. A bottle of cold minty tea is great at a hot rave or hot outdoor festival!  Make sure no one drinks it without knowing what's in them =P

Additional Herbal Information

  • Ginger - reduces nausea , cramps
  • Green tea - contains caffine and has antibacterial qualities.
  • Chocolate Mint (or spearmint, peppermint ect.) - reduces cramps, diarreah, and gas.  Fresh, potent mint leaves with actually give the resulting liquid a cooling sensation on the mouth and all the way down to the stomach.
  • Lemon - contains absorbic acid, helps the hot water leech the goodies from the shrooms, and increases delivery and digestion.
  • Chamomile - I grow these and throw them in the tea sometimes. Adds a sedative quality (for the panicy shroomer)



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