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Salvia: First Hard Trip

Let me start by describing my entire three day weekend.

Let me start by describing my entire three day weekend. I had no school or work on friday, and my house was open all the way through Sunday. A golden opportunity for me and my friends. We gather all the necesary supplies; Huka, Bubbler, few small pieces, lots of weed & booze, and of course salvia (20 I think). We wanted to get shrooms for the weekend, but the deal fell through, so we found other means to trip. I have done salvia about five times before this and all of those were a mild trip (In comparision to what was to come). The weekend progresses and people come and go. Many drugs are done and by sunday night all that remains is one bowl of salvia. Me and my good friend Jim are all that remain at my house after it is all over.  He didn't even realize that we had a bowl left so I supprised him with it as a sort of going out smoke to honor the weekend. I sit at my computer in my room and Jim sits on my bed. we clean the bowl in two giant hits. Then the fun began

I sit at my chair waiting for it to kick in. then all of the sudden, my arm falls off the arm rest of my chair. My arm feels heavy and takes on the quality of a rock, but I think nothing of it. then it takes my body with it. I am now falling off a tall cliff and I land in a sea of sand. It is very bright out like I was in a desert. I treck my way through it, but it is about waist deep and it is very hard to progress through it. Then the sand starts taking on a different shape. The sand turns into blocks, and are changing colors regularlly. I keep trying to push through them, but they are getting higher and higher, they are starting to consume me and I can not walk any more. I am reduced to my kneese and then fall. I then awake to find my self on my dining room floor. My friend Jim is standing over me with water. It seems I requested  it. He told me that after I took the hit I fell out of my chair and started power walking around my house until I finally collapsed in the dining room, and I was asking for water. He was tripping, but was not as out of it as I was. Although it was scary it while it was happening, I realized how amazying that was and, how it was a perfect end to my weekend. I couldn't wait to get it again. 

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