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My trip threw the universe

Very Cool

Well it was midnight and me and a few friends were walking around and I decided I was going to try shrooms despite my anti-drug personality. I ate a lot of them I can't even remember how many but I lost all control of my body and found myself laying down on sidewalk looking into space. I could see/feel my body losing its "physical essence". I can't really explain it but it was kind of like I was just energy. I then founjd myself in space or what I though it was. It felt as if I was moving at about 1000 miles per hour and I was soaring past planets/ galaxys and all that stuff. It was as if I jumped into one of those shows on the discovery channel. I then felt a pulling on my body and I was hullicinating (spelling ftw) that I was flying into what appeared to be a black hole. Once I got near it the trip went bad. I had a strong wave of negative feelings, as if I was about to kill myself. I don't remember much except the travel threw what I though was space and my body "merging with the universe". I woke up to paramedics standing around me in the street and about 30-40 people standing outside watching me. Well it was fun this is without a doubt the coolest experience of my life.

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