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Shroom Tea

Shroom tea - use fresh or dry

Shrooms taste bad - make 'em taste great! This recipe is for one person, just double the amounts used for two people etc.

1) Bring 2 -3 cups of water to boiling point, reduce temperature until water is just simmering

2) Finely chop up your shrooms into small pieces and place into water

3) Let the shrooms simmer for around 15 minutes,  dropping 2-3 tea bags into the water around the 10 minute mark. Stir regularly.

4) Using a strainer filter out the chopped mushrooms into a large cup. To ensure you get all the psilocybin and psilocin out of the leftover shrooms, squeeze them against the filter/strainer and collect all water into your cup. Pour a little boiling water over the left over shrooms and tea bags and squeeze again, collecting all water (No wasting the good stuff)

5) Discard of shrooms and tea bags

6) Add milk and sugar if desired, stir well

The effects are noticed considerably faster than when eaten :) Have a shroomy time!


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