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Mixed trip

This was probably my 5th or 6th trip, I met my dealer at a resturaunt and got aprox.

This was probably my 5th or 6th trip, I met my dealer at a resturaunt and got aprox. 4 grams, dried. I went to my grandmothers house(my parents work at home) and I decided to take them there. It was about 11:45, I mixed some orange juice with the shrooms, I tasted awful, more so than usual, I almost threw up about 3 times, finally I got them down. I searched for a good CD for the trip. I finnally picked out a CD of non- vocal native american music. I laid down on the couch listening to it. It was weird though, I couldn't "feel" the shrooms coming on. Well I kept looking at the walls, I felt horrible, like normal with the onset of shrooms, but it was somehow mentally worse. In the ceiling all these paterns started appearing, It was really cool, I sat there for about a hour just looking at the ceiling, when all of a sudden "Hello, Honey?" is heard, I say "hello" back. After about 5 seconds I relize what just happened, my grandma is home for lunch, something she rarely does. At first I convince myself it was a hallucination, it wasn't. After making a idiot out of myself by not being able to talk right, I say I am going to take a nap(keep in mind this is 12:45 in the afternoon) Finally she leaves. I am certain she knew I was tripping. After that I feel horrible, the trip turns worse, I decide to watch a moie. I finally settle on George of the Jungle. I watched it, but it was boring. I couldn't stop thinking about what my grandmother might do. On top of that, I the back of my mind I kept "hearing" my mom throw- up over and over again. I became ill as well. My grandmother came home at 5:00, she acted as if nothing had happened. I was slightly releved. The sounds of my mom puking lasted until 1:00 in the moring, when I went to bed, I didnt think that was possible. All in all though, this is the only bad trip I have had so far.

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