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Out of this world salvia experience

... After almost giving up on it.

After reading various trip reports and other user's comments about salvia, I decided to give it another chance.  I've smoked it a few times in the past, but never experienced anything significant.

This time around I picked up the most potent salvia extract the shop had to offer... 60 dollars for 1 measly gram.  Huge rip-off it seemed to me, but I bought it anyways.

I tried it out when I got home.  I turned off the TV, dimmed the lights, cleared my mind as best I could, then smoked 3 bowls in succesion.  The effects were mild.  I felt pressure on my head and especially my eyelids.  It just put me in a strange trance for a few minutes and then I snapped out of it.  I tried it again the night after, it was a little more intense, but still I didn't feel like I had a psychedelic experience.

Determined to trip on something over the weekend, I cut a foot-long section off of my san pedro cactus and prepared the chimora drink.  It was my first time and somewhere along the way I goofed it all up, because I gagged that horrid stuff down and not a thing happened.  Feeling a little let down about it all, I drove on over to a friend's house.  We hung out and smoked quite a bit... played some cards too.  I enjoyed myself despite losing a few bucks while betting.

I made it back to my apartment later that night to find my bong and salvia still sitting on my computer desk.  I don't know what it was this time... maybe having marijuana and san pedro juice in my system... maybe it's this reverse tollerance thing I've been reading about.. I'm not sure.  One way or another though, salvia completely blew my mind.

I smoked two large bowls one after the other and I held it in for as long as I could take it.  I was sitting down in my chair and staring at this (fake) tree in my bedroom when suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My vision seemed like it was just piecing everything together too quickly and sloppily.  The tree didn't look right at all.  I closed my eyes after that, at least I think I did, and I noticed how extremely uncomfortable I felt and how difficult it was to move.  It felt like I had been split in two by some unknown force and whatever split me, remained inside.  The pressure I felt down the exact center of my mind and body was very strong.

At this point I didn't know where I was, but it seemed like something was starting to tug away at all of my memories.  I thought of things and people I had completely forgotten about.  Emotions linked to these memories started to resurface as well and all of it was being taken from me.  My entire field of vision had gone white with the exception of this sliver of memory that I was desperately trying to hold on to.  My whole life and soul was all being pulled out of me harder and harder and I was fighting so hard to hang on to it all.  I was fighting for my survival.  It just kept pulling and pulling.  I knew it was over, I was done for.  There was nothing I could do to stop it I realized.

I gave a sincere farewell in my head to everybody I've ever known and loved, stopped fighting and let go.  At almost the very same instant I took my first step into the unknown, I was gently returned to my bedroom and the reality I knew before I left.

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