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First time ever doing shrooms.

Life-changing. I will never regret it.

So, my friends and I have been wanting to do shrooms for a long time. This time, we finally got around to actually GETTING them. It was a Friday night, and we got 12 grams of shrooms. There was 4 of us, which would equal to about 3 grams each. Our dealer said they were potent shrooms and advised us to try 2 grams to start off (since none of us had done them before), and if we wanted, go for the third gram. Of course, us being really stubborn and rebels like usual, we decided to just go ahead and take all three grams at once.

    I'll start from the beginning. We were going to sleep over at one of my friends house, and do it there. We didn't really get around to actually eating them until around 12:00.
We had to wait for parents to go to sleep and what not. So, we divided it equally, and ate our share, plain. No drinks no nothing. They didn't taste all that bad, at least not what I expected.  We sat down on the couch, waiting for the effects. We had put on "trippy" movie to start off our trip. It was Madagascar. LMAO. Oh man, was it ever funny. It started to hit us at around 12:30- 12:45. I remember just sitting there..and I got a mild stoned effect, kind of like the one you get off of weed.  Everything started to be brighter, and more vivid. The movie got to the part where Alex the lion gets shot by a tranquilizer dart and goes through that trippy scene. Me and my friends tripped so hard on it, we had to rewind it a couple of times and watch it over. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen.  We started laughing like maniacs and couldn't stop.  My friend Mike was trippin really hard over the lemurs, or the.. little, monkey things in Madagascar. He started calling them the "Spider People". It was hilarious watching him trip out lol. My other friend, was trippin real hard on that cute little lemur. He was laughing and snorting like a pig lmfao. We decided to stop watching the movie after a while. We then turned on the Nintendo Wii, and played the trippest game EVER. I think it was Rayman, with like.. bunnies or something. The bunnies or molerats were trippin me out real hard. I was playing and laughing SO hard haha. There was one game where you had to draw what the bunny wanted to eat, and it looked like it was jerkin off under the table because it was getting impatient. I couldn't stop laughing at this! I couldn't even draw because I was so f-ed up. The T.V seemed as if it were coming out of the screen at times, and I had to blink my eyes to put the image back into the screen. We were being really loud and we had heard somone come downstairs so we turned off the lights and pretended to be asleep. I think this was the trippiest part of the night, well, the scariest. I was laying down on the couch with my eyes open, and it was pitch dark, not a single light on. I had closed my eyes because I was freaking out, only to find that closing my eyes was even more freaky. I started to see different images in my head. I was playing with my eyebrow.. I don't know why, I guess because I was nervous, and as I had my eyes closed, I could picture every single strand of hair in my mind. They looked like huge spikes coming towards me.

I was real freaked out, and my other friends had asked to turn on a light, but we couldn't because someone was on the main floor. So, luckily I had my Zune with me that night, and I had set the display back-light to "always on" so we could use it kind of like a flashlight to walk around and stuff. We all sat around in a circle on the floor with the Zune in the middle. Kind of like a bonfire, but with a Zune haha. I had gone to the washroom and turned on the lights there to take a piss. Everything was so bright and detailed. I remember standing taking a leak, and behind the toilet, there was a white shelf, with a white ceramic frog staring right at me. This really freaked me out, cuz the frog starting bending and curving INTO the shelf. I suppose it was because it was the same colour as the shelf. It was also kind of glowing. Anyways, I went to go wash my hands, and looked in the mirror. My pupils were HUGE. Like, my eyes are brown, and they were fully black, with a bit of a brown outline. I looked freaky.  As I was washing my hands, I looked down at them and everything I saw was so detailed. I could see every crack of my skin, and every single hair on it.. hairs you wouldn't normally see, or take in account. I went back to our little bonfire and sat with my friends. My friends pupils were black as well, and HUGE. My friend Callum was the worst, he had cold blue eyes.. so you can imagine how freaky they looked. As we were sitting down, I turned on an awesome song that we usually listen to while smoking weed. It's called "Release The Pressure" by Leftfield. Anyone reading this should get it. It really calms you down, and puts you in a meditative state, I find. This was like a spiritual bond, something that I've never experienced before, and probably never will again, in that same way.
It was awesome, I can't even explain it. We've been friends for a long time, we play on the same soccer team and everything. It was just like a spiritual bond with my best friends. It brough us four closer, and we talked all night. We didn't sleep till 6:30am. We stayed up all night because we couldn't sleep... and we shared so many things with eachother. It was an awesome experience. Deffinately LIFE-CHANGING.
I will never regret it.

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