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I thought this guy was going to kill me!

My 1st bad trip (funny read)

I've tripped about 15 times so far and except a few brief moments have always, in general, had a pleasant trip. This time was an exception. The night started out with me driving over to my friends' place call them A & B. I was bringing my own shrooms and saw cops on the way there so I turned the opposite direction and ate them (about 2.5 g's) in the car. Maybe this seeded the bad trip, I don't know. I got to the friends' place and it was just them two there. They split the shrooms that they had and we decided to watch Goldmember (something funny rather than something sad). I was having a great time and was tripping hard during the part of Beyonce singing in the club.

Then some other people (call them C & D) call A's phone and ask her if they can spend the night. I thought nothing of it and was even a little excited to meet some new people. So they come over after we started the movie Click and I totally lost focus on the movie. Soon other people begin piling in the living room. I begin to get antisocial. I start to get worried when this one guy (call him E) walks in (along with two chicks). He looks just like my ex-girlfriend's brother (who actually does want to kill me). Soon I begin thinking that E was the ex's brother (he looked similar ,short,  wearing a hat with messy black hair sticking out, although much more buffed). I was positive that I would not make it out alive without getting stabbed or poisoned. I was even afraid to drink the spring water in the kitchen (which I brought) so I drank tap water. I was thinking at least it will take a lot longer to kill me.

So 'Click' ends and 'D' and I are talking a little and we decided to put on 'A scanner darkly'. This movie I watched last time when on shrooms and once again, could not follow it well. A few weeks prior I did read the entire book. It's about a fictional highly addictive drug called 'Substance D' which gradually splits the user's brain in half and they slowly burn out and become paranoid and semi brain dead. Anyways I became convinced that this was happening to me even though I don't do alot of drugs (just drink semi-alot, I even quit weed recently). I was still breaking out in cold sweat every time E gave me a look. Finally he leaves and I breathe a sigh of relief. I go and bolt the door so he can't come back in. When 'E' does come back I tell them not to let anyone in. I sit down and B lets him in and it starts all over again.

By this point I cook up a conspiracy theory the 'E' called narcs on me and half the people at the place are cops. 'E' and a few others leave. We turn off the movie, 'A' and 'B' go to bed, turn off all the lights and let me pass out on the couch. I was still tripping though. 'C' and 'D' cuddle up on the floor and this other girl 'K' is on another couch. She kept whispering things into her phone (or maybe to herself, Im still not sure). There was a blinking green light on a smoke alarm or something and wondered if it was surveillance. There are all kinds of whispers going on. 'K' whispers something like 'It's hard' and I was sure the building was surrounded with cops ready to bust me and she was saying it's hard to tell if I'm asleep or not. 'K' dressed a little different (quite attractive too) so I was sure she was a narc. She gets up and rummages through her bag. I break out in cold sweat and think I'm going to get arrested. Finally she goes back to the couch and it goes quiet. Suddenly everyone gets up to go outside and smoke. I hear giggling and laughing from the bedroom and my bad trip finally starts going away. 

I run to the bedroom and tell 'A' and 'B' what I think is happening, and ask if they know everyone there well. 'B' said he knows everyone quite well but doesn't say much. I come out and 'C', 'D', and 'K' are there chatting on the floor. I soon join in the convo and learn their real names. I start talking with 'K' and find out she is a student from another part of town. We all start talking about random stuff (epilepsy, ecstacy, elephants, and ice pops) I grab some ice pops from the freezer and she says she loves me (lol). We go to my couch and press up on each other and make plans to go to IHOP in the morning. I'm still not feeling great and decide to leave in the middle of the night. I should have got her number!

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