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flys hold the meaning of life

my journey with mother earth and insects

my story starts after harvesting a above average crop of  "teachers pet" cubinsis with 2 inch caps.

having tired of being the phycadelic babysitter, hanging out with friends ,,ive decided its time for me to get out in the cosmos by myself and see what my religious sacrament has to offer.....full blast...no turning back.  of course set and setting being my main concern for the ultimate trip into what i hope will be  .....stepping into the twilite zone.

i drive out of vegas into red rock canyon and park.       from here i start walking down a dry riverbed. i open my backpack and pull out 2 onces of dryed 2 day old fresh shrooms.i set them on a big  rock and pray to the mushroom gods to guide me in my journeys.i pull out a couple bottles of annie green springs and start munchin em down.about 8 grams should do it.  the book says it would take 50 pounds to kill you so i have no worrys.

wine and shrooms dont mix well,so after i throw up i eat a nother hand full and walk untill i find the perfect "power spot".  a place where 2 creeks meet to form a    Y     INTERSECTION. this is where i need to be in life. a place where i can find all the answers.

the once quiet desert comes alive with sounds of scouring rats and mice and birds. the flys are buzzing full speed down each side of the creek bed wizzing by my head like rockets ,with the occational yellow wasp sounding like a jumbo jet in a puddle jumper airport. at this point the world becomes very clear to me and calm.everything i thought was important just got replaced with a feeling of being part of the earth...the planet...the living  animals around me,and the air that i breath.    it all seems so simple,    that i cant believe ive never seen it before.

i melt into a sandy spot in the creek bed breathing in and out the very existance  of  life its self.

truly the meaning of life has something to do with those flys.it was right there in front of me but just out of reach.

maybe next time.


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