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A Softening Filter

About three months ago on a Saturday night equipped with a full moon, a couple weeks before April 20th, I was out at a friends party tryin' to find someone with a bag of MJ.

About three months ago on a Saturday night equipped with a full moon, a couple weeks before April 20th, I was out at a friends party tryin' to find someone with a bag of MJ. No one there had a bag so I had to go a couple blocks over to my best dealer and friend's house "Bill", to my suprise he had some Shrooms!

My great friend Bill introduced me to some potent "Thunder Caps", which he told me were the best shrooms he ever tried. Bill told me they originated from an Asian country, not sure where..The caps were a goldish-brown and the stalk was usually thick and all white with hints of blue streaks. He sold me 7 gms. for 40$.

I've tried other psilocybes in the past with mild euphoric body sensations but not any real hardcore visuals.

Tonight I was way in much more than I bargained for..

I arrived back at the party at around 10:00 p.m., whipped out my bag of treats, and before you can say LICKITYSPLIT, 7 people offered me a bud for a cap, and I was trying to convince them that I paid 40$ for the shrooms and it was hard earned cash! At about 10:15 p.m. I ingested 4-5 caps and 6-7 stems of the so called "Thunder Caps"...

10:15-10:30 I feel a moderate stoned buzz, and mind is flowing more freely now..

10:30-11:00 I can't concentrate on one thing, a strange visual Softening Filter blankets every animate and inanimate object I see (picture a razor that looks like gum), Several peoples faces looked like they were water and pixled and they didn't look real so I just had to touch them. The perception of music is increased and more in depth..

11:00-12:00 I'm near the peak, and I can see the broad horizion of life. My mind is racing uncontrolably, unable to keep a train of thought for more than 15 seconds. Too many thoughts racing through my head, I need to slow down and toke a bowl I thought. So I loaded up a KB bowl and went out to the backyard with a couple friends who were trying to assert me and calm me down. About three hits into the bowl a tall figure with a bald head approaches us, and asks us if we wanna hit his "glass dick", and we stoners proudily said, "FUCK THAT SHIT, IT AIN'T NATURAL!" then he replied in a fiener fashion, "Well, this is natural to me.." And right after he said that he walked off by himself to the opposite side of the yard and started to toot himself away.I couldn't believe how hard I was laughing at his beligerantly stupid ass for trying to get us to smoke something synethic, when I'm having the time of my life on something organic, and natural just like you and me.

12:00-1:30p.m. My friend Ty and I had to go and ditch the party cuz our buddy Nate dawg cuz he was too fucked up off of liquor to walk in his own house.After we dragged Nat'es dumbass downstairs to his room, I had to figure out a place to stay for the night.The thought of me sleeping in an ally or my parents questioning me why i'm coming home so late didn't sound too comforting to me.. I asked Ty to give me a ride home and I thanked him with a bud, and walked on up to my front door..Upon walking I heard what sounded like a hallucination but to my recollection it was just about 39 helicopters doing a routine flying inspection on 1:00 a.m. in the morning..what a trip!

Conclusion--After I went home and realized what the hell I am, I started to realize that I'm human and everything on earth is organic and we are all one consciencness. We need to bond on another level otherwise we will surely be doomed like the great Mayans and Romans. Mushrooms are truly the most sacred matter in the universe and must be treated with great respect and dignity. I feel personally that Psilocybe helped idenitfy all my self-demons and helped to beat them and made me become a much more better and open minded person..See you all on the otherside..C-dawg

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