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Oblivious 3D dimension


So It's halloween, Perfect night to do mushrooms and party away your life (lol).

Well a friend and I grew some mushrooms. About 26-27grams of fun stuff. We also tried a tek of mixing cranberry juice and vito's (6 cakes in a 2L bottle worth of this).

To start the day we wen't to local stores and purchased black lights, glow sticks and anything else we could find that glow'd. Also any scary, freaky halloween decorations to prepare my house for this amazing night of fun and fortication. We specifically set up one room in the house as a trip room. The rest of the house got the remainder of the stuff we bought.

We decorated the Room with Flourescent paint and some halloween decorations such as skeletons and so forth. Everything in this room glowed many different color's. Took styrofoam and painted different designs on it. Lots of other things but that can wait for the story.


We started the party off at around 8pm.  Myself and my friend the only 2 people planning on doing the mushrooms so we split what we had done the middle then offering some of the other party member small tastes. Enough to help them stay up through the night. My friend and I started the mushrooms at 10pm. each of us drinking a litre of the cran/mush mix. After a half hour we smoked a couple joints to help trigger the trip to come. A half hour later no body vibrations nor visuals were happening so both of us assumed that the cran/mush mix was bunk and started to chow the dried mushrooms.

After handing out some of the dried stuff I had I ended up with about 8grams for myself. So knowing for sure that these would work, well feeling confident atleast I decided to go mingle with the guests for a while. 30 minutes past by and my body starting emensing a sense of pleasurable feeling that to this day I still cannot explain. So imediatly I knew the trip was about to take its course. Little did I know what was in store for the night ahead. As the mintues progressed my whole body felt like butter I didn't want to move, just stand there and watch as the world passed by staring into oblivion. After a bit my vision started to change which is exactly what I was waiting for. I began to feel and see like as if I was a part of my house.  The walls breathing, time flowing through me and waves of colors and lights flashing by me like I was stuck in a vortex or time machine yet without anything in time actually changing, just going faster and slower and at time stopping completely.

Knowing this trip was bound to be fun I found myself in the trip room wandering how I got there. My friend sitting beside me assured me I was sitting there laughing for the last 20 or so minutes.  Taking his word for it I came to my composure and realized this trip was going to mentally mess with me. Luckily now I had someone tripping with me and talking to me to keep me from wandering into oblivion like I had already done one before.

We sat in the room looking at walls and all the flourescent colors making out different objects within them.  When all of the sudden the room started bending and my mind started slipping into a new world of color and shapes. This world was a bit scary at first only seeing 3D sqaures and triangles and circles floating around everwhere. Seemed a bit strange but I got over the anxiety effect and let my body realize the interestingness within this new found dimension. I found a river of waves and diamonds floating through the midsts of the 3D shapes.  It rushed at me at great speeds, getting caught in it I started floating away thinking where was I going to go. Then all of the sudden I awaken from this insance realitty to find myself trying to crawl off the bed my friend and I were sitting on.

After a bit my friend finally came to a realization that I was not about to stop this wierd slipping of mind trip and showed me what he was staring at. A piece of styrofoam with green and orange flourescent paint sprayed in a spiral starting in the middle to the end. So I said sure show me what your tripping on. I started staring at this sprial of 2 colors and boths colors started moved outwards towards the outside of the styrofoam aswell as kept breathing in and out. He asked me what I saw and I couldn't stop staring at this amazing thing. I told him it looked like a snake crawling off of the styrofoam and no matter how hard it tried it couldn't. He had seen the same thing in his mind.

After staring at that for about 30 or so minutes who knows, I started looking at some of the halloween decorations and became excited at a glowing skeleton hanging on the wall. I watched it as it danced and moved gracefully along the wall. All I could hear was laughter through out my mind, probably mostly my own. As this laughter grew the skeleton came at me and I immediatly jumped and hid under the blankets I was near until the scare let it self go. After a little bit I arose from under the blankets and decided I needed to venture forth outside the room and mingle with the rest of the party. As I walked through the hallway I started to see the image of the next room ahead of me only not as one normal image but as many smaller images designed like a kaliedrascope. I spent a while visiting others in this state.

I decided it was time to venture back to the room and as I entered the room I noticed flourescent "V" shapes in one of the corners of the walls. On side had writing in the wall. After sitting back down on the bed I began to stare at this corner of the wall. After a few short seconds The words on the wall became to ascend from the wall. The words seemed like they were floating in mid air. For the first bit I could read the words in the air but after about a minute or so I started seeing black lines like as if I was looking through the words. Like as if they were right between my eyes. I spent an abundance of time staring at this as it's marval was astonishing to me. When I finally took my eyes off this wall everyone around me was gone.

I laid on the bed wandering where everyone went. Soon the whole room started breathing and the ceiling started waving. I stared in awe as the room started bending and melting right before my eye's. Knowing I was about to go somewhere I didn't want to go I hid under the blankets.

I awoken to friends standing over me telling me I was snoring. I couldn't believe them as it seemed to real what was going on. They told me what I experienced was real but the trip for them ended much sooner then mine. In relief that it wasn't real I sighed and became to regain my composure.  I walked through the house went to my room where I lied down on my bed and stared at the stucko ceiling and finished my trip. When I began to sober up I looked at the time. It was 8am in the morning. I realized for10hours I'd been slipping from reality to a 3D Oblivion.

I finally slept at 9am and slept all day. All I know is it was a fun evening and hope to experience more intense times to come.

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