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Amazing first trip

Me and my friend in the Forest...

Me and my friend L had been wanting to do shrooms for 2 - 3 months and we finally got hold of some from a guy we normally buy weed off. We had some Thai and some Tansanian shrooms. We got up early in the morning and munched our shrooms about half an hour before we got to the place we were going to trip. we arrived at our place which was a secluded area with a forest nearby. we sat down on the grass, smoked a ciggarette and gazed at the sky while we waited for our trip to start. about 30 mins later i noticed the shrooms where starting to take effect. I looked around me amazed by how bright the grass and the trees were. I asked L if he could feel anything yet and he said he could, he was colouring  in a picture of a fly agaric mushroom i had drawn  and he told me he couldn't stop colouring it untill he had finished. about  another  30 mins later is when my trip  kicked in the most,. Me and L went for a walk through the forest and i was amazed by how beautiful the grass and all the trees where. Everything natural seemed so amzing and everything man-made such as empty bottles seemed to be uninteresting. soon the trees started to move about and change shape slightly while faces started to form and look at me. After a while I wanderd off by myself which was the most amazing and peacful thing i have ever experienced. My mind began to drift and i began to realise how nature works and i understood how old dead plants and trees decay to create new life and realised how amzing the cycle is and how people take simple things for granted. another hour of wandering around the forest by myself i made my way back to where we were sitting before and i met back up with L again. I lay down on the grass and watched the clouds in the sky as they swirled around eacother making shapes and then melting back to thier original form. the clouds left patterns in the sky. My friend L told me he could see the clouds beat in and out like their was a giant heart in the sky. After a while of enjoying some cool closed eye visuals a opened my eyes and realised i was coming down. we made our way back where we sat in my friends house and relaxed.

I would recommend everyone should try shrooms at least once. Just research a lot about them. im glad i did. Thanks for reading

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