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Amazing first time

In a forest...

Me and my friend L had ben wanting to do shrooms for 2 - 3 months and finally got hold of some from a guy we normally buy weed off. We got up early this morning and biked about 20 minutes From where i live untill we got to a secluded area near a forest away from people, houses, cars etc. We both ate our shrooms about 30 mins before we got there so they would kick in shortly after we had arrived. we sat down and chatted while we waited for the shrooms to start working. about ten minuets later i started to notice things were differn't and realised it had started. I looked around and noticed how bright  everything was, the grass, trees, sky etc. we both just lay down and started to enjoy it. after another 30 we decided to go for a walk through the forest and see what it was like. me and L where both feeling it by now. I couldn't take my eyes of how beautiful all the trees were. The grass started to look like it was glowing a bright lime green and the trees started to change shape slightly and look as if they were growing over me. We kept walking for a while longer and then we both walked off separate ways. Walking by myself was one of the most peacful things ever, i began thinking about how old trees and plants die to form new life. I felt so in touch with nature and realised how many people take things for granted. I realised how everything had a purpose, and everything works in its own individual way. I kept walking differnt ways through the forest and each way felt like it lead me to a new place.  After about another half an hour of enjoying my trip i decided to go back to where we were sitting and meet up with L again. A Layed down on the grass and listend to some music, the music seemed to send me into a trance, i closed my eyes and got some cool closed eye visuals. I could see flowers growing out of the ground and form into huge trees, Each tree had its own indvidual pattern and moved in its own way. Afterwrds i smoked a ciggarette while staring at the sky. The clouds in the sky began to look like they were painted onto the sky and started to swirl and create shapes. they would form together and then string apart leaving mark in the sky, They all had differnt layers to them and began to move and swirl very quickly in the sky. Everything i looked at that was man-made bored me and i found no interest in it, hoever all the plants and fields seemed to amaze me. after a long time of enjoying the patterns the clouds where creating i sat up and realised things had started to return to normal and i was coming back to reality. I no longer had the feelings i did before but was still getting  some good closed eye visuals. not long after L and I biked back to his house and relaxed in his house.

For my first time i thought it was amazing, only i light trip i know but still great. I would really recommend it to anyone considering trying shrooms for the first time but just research a lot about shrooms first. Im glad i did. Thanks for reading.

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