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The Epic Trip

Lend me your ears...

This is the tale of my epic shroom trip.

Ok, first we need a little back ground info. I"d been an extremely active marijuana smoker, basically spending every fucking dollar I had on gas and grass. I wouldn"t say I would do " anything" to get my fix but I was sure as hell thick in some high times. Anyways about a month or so ago I took shrooms for the first time and...was disappointed. Right after consuming the mushies, which were mostly an ass load of dirt dry spores and some arid fucking caps, I had gone snowboarding. I can"t say I didn"t feel the booms at all but I sure as hell wasn"t impressed. No visuals and I had a pretty good high but I"m unsure if it was the mush or some bud I"d smoked on one of the tree runs. All in all it was a fucking waste of cash.

Just a little more info before we really get into some shit. Besides bud the only other drugs I"d taken was XTC, gotta say shrooms kicks that drugs ass even if they"re " quad" Yellow Jackets the shit is week.

Alright. I had been wanting to experience a good, or even bad, shroom trip ever since my last...disconcerting experience, least to say I was pissed and was looking EVERYWERE for booms. Finally, after about 20 deals that fell through and about 30 other times I"d missed out on times friends had had some, and more than willing to float me a few, I"d come to fulfill what had become, for me, a destiny. I had to bag me some shrooms and I had to fry balls. Ultimately I was possessed and had to fry, I had told my friend, friend I finally tripped with, that until I had a intense trip my life would probably never snap back into the norm.

Now before we truly get underway you must know that about 20 days before my trip I had been cited for smoking grass at school. To make a long story sort I got in a shit load of trouble and am currently still in trouble, until I"m 18. Least to say it didn"t stop me or my friend who had got caught with me, who truly was in some shit cause he got possession of paraphernalia and his parents had fucking a vice on his nuts for the next months of his adolescent life, from continuing to smoke hella grass and searching for booms.

In this trip, my first honest fry, I had experienced it all. Everything I"d read online. Everything I"ve heard from friends, shroom pickers in Oregon. I was all twisted in anticipation and was probably the reason I had experienced everything in a trip that I wanted to. I was ready for it all. From hell to heaven, from death to life, fractals to kaleidoscopes, enlightenment to pure frightenment, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the truly fucked up. I felt as if I"d felt it all. And this is how my trip unfolded.

It was a beautiful spring day and we, my friend A and myself Z, hadn"t even expected that we would finally get shrooms. As it was spring vacation, last week, and on a Wednesday we honestly didn"t expect shit except being board and grounded at home all vacation, terrible for a senior year at High School... it still pisses me off. My friend D, one of many dealers, had been on shroom patrol for us for at least a month and a half and it was that faithful Wednesday when all his phone calls and bitching to other dealers he would finally come threw, and BIG time.

The day started with me being lazy and board as fuck at my house. So naturally I stole some bud from my step dad"s stash and called A to see if he wanted to sneak out of his house and burn one. Evidently he had already been in town at a dentist appointment and his parents had given him back his truck for this one special day. So A came over and I packed this 1.3 gram piece to the max with some ganja. Then while we"re smoking and getting all fucked up D calls! He says he can get shrooms RIGHT THEN and they were going to be potent as hell and we would fry balls, D had fallen through on deals before and I halfheartedly believed him...I shouldn"t have. At this time it was about 12 o"clock midday and my parents were at work, and me home from school with my sister for vacation. I told that bitch "peace out" and me and A made our way to Ds to buy a half an oz of mush for $75.

Now at this point I"m going to skip all the hanging around at D"s waiting for the shrooms, burning a few bowls, eat some food, yada yada bull shit for about 3 hours. In the end we broke away with the mushies. They were like none I"d ever seen nor heard of. Long stems with small gold caps completely covered in these evil looking gold flakes that where just waiting to perm-a-fry someone"s dome, awesomely enough it would be A"s and mine later that night. On the way home we decided that A would keep the booms and at about 12 midnight he would sneak out of his house, pick me up, only about five miles away, and we would head into the dessert near my home and my local park.

Six hours later I was gulping the mushies down in the dessert with some Vault and a 4000mg Vitamin C concoction I had made earlier. We ate ALL the mushies we had, about 5g each, we had given D an 1/8th for hooking up the deal. We had prepared excessively. Comfortable cloths, walky talkies in case we spit up, and a brilliant night lit by the millions of stars that covered the sky, living in the desert for 5 years I"ve never seen that many. It was 12:21am Thursday when we left the truck and began our journey threw the dessert in no apparent direction because it took me for fucking ever to find the park. The shrooms took effect immediately after all were consumed. The first thing I remember " seeing" was A throwing his cell phone into his truck and a red light shooting out from his blue screen, I"d only consumed the mush about 10 minutes earlier and was thinking "Either I"m just imaging it because I was so tense or I was in for some really fucked up shit." The later turned out being true...

"Follow me." I said. "The park is somewhere in this direction." As it was my local neighbor hood I felt that I would be the one to decide where we went and would be the one leading most of the night. We began to make our way towards the park. A and I began to laugh hysterically at just about anything. Funny looking sagebrush, our noisy ass walky talkies, we ended up turning them off, pretty much anything. At some point we were running full blast in a direction I was hoping would burst into the open park at anytime. Instead A ran straight into a massive fucking bush and got all twisted up in it and fell.

"Dude it feels like I can"t stop falling" he said. He had already lost mild control of his simple motor skills. Stumbling, falling, etc. There he lay in the bush and there was I waiting for his dumb ass to get up so I could find that fucking park. It was making me angry that in my own backyard I couldn"t even find that piece of shit place. At one point I picked him up by his jacket and as I was doing this I realized. This light in the distance, a light I thought was off a house, was actually the light of the bathrooms at the park.

"How stupid," I though. I told A that this was why we hadn"t made it to the park yet. I was circling the mother fucker! Gah! Frustration at my stupidity. In about 5 seconds after realizing where it was we walked onto one of the two fields of the park, the quality of this field was fucked up but it was farther away from the homes so we chilled there. Now this is where things truly began. I remember looking at the starts and thinking they didn"t look the same as they had about 30 minutes ago, in reality it had only taken us about 20 or so minutes to make it to the park but it seemed like forever through those goddamn bushes. Just as I was looking at the starts and A had found himself a decent patch of grass and sat down I heard a car coming down the only road to the park. Instantly I hit the ground where A was already laying flat. Both of us were wearing dark cloths and hid ourselves in the middle of that flat ass grass field as much as we could, obviously running wasn"t an option. As the car entered the parking lot it hit me. Who the fuck would be driving to a park at 1 in the morning and then I read it "Sheriff" on the side of car. I made out the o-so-familiar head lights of the pig"s cruiser. "Oh my fucking god" I thought "We are totally fucked now." The cop circles the lot once, shining his headlights DIRECTLY in our direction. Then he left as simply as he had come. Because of curfew in the area that mother fucker had checked out the park and this instantly accelerated my trip. I lay a little distance away from A not giving a shit about the cop but the vibe that he had given me was one of the uttermost evil. I wasn"t feeling so hot at the moment, not like was going to vomit but as if I was covered in a bad presents. I hadn"t heard anything from A apart from our earlier few statements about the mush.

"Oh shit I hella feel them now!"

"Dude it"s hitting me hard."

"Oh shit! Oh shit!"


You know, all that crazy shit. So I chanced a look at A and he"s laying face down in the ground, shirtless, mumbling to himself. His jacket, shirt, and beanie discarded like trash somewhere near by. Suddenly I had to piss so I got up and walked towards what would be the bathrooms, the only light source besides the distant city and airport lights nearby, but the doors were closed. I ended up pissing directly on the women"s door and at that very moment all the fucking birds in the two near by trees began fling around. At first I thought it was unreal it was like no sound I"ve ever heard from nature, it scared the fucking shit out of me and I had to get the fuck out of there. I ran full speed back to where A was now up and moving around, still shirtless. I sat down next to him and closed my eyes. I instantly saw millions of different shapes kaleidoscoping all around my vision, colors of which I never even new existed. After I opened my eyes it seemed everything I saw was animated, as if it was created by little pixels. "Whoa" was all I could say I must have said it at least 100 times during the whole trip. A began to act really weird at this point. Spinning fast as fuck on his toes with his knees bent, arms out wide, looking into the sky eyes wide, and uttering a seriously scary laugh, something between the cries of a dying rabbit and a mentally impaired person laughing as hard as they possibly could. He was doing just the most insane shit, his first time tripping too, and I felt as if I was getting stupefied by just hanging out with him. The vibes I was getting of him were just ones I would never normally want to hang around. Like being the only sane person in a nut house and trying to find someone like myself to talk with. I decided the only person around like that was me. So I left A who seemed to be stuck in retard mode, which he later admitted he thought he was going to be stuck in for the rest of his seriously fucked life. I laid down about 50 feet away and this is when things go to hell. I felt really constricted with the cloths I was wearing, especially the hemp neck lass around my neck and I began to claw at my throat tiring to tear that shit off. I ended up getting it but in the process I had though I pulled out at least half of my long hair. I was freaking out. I thought I had seriously fucked myself up by pulling the hair straight out of the scalp and I began to feel as if blood was gushing out of some spot on my head and covering my entire body.

I remembered reading somewhere that bad trips happen when you"re along and got up to find A. I found him, still stuck in semi-retard mode laying down once more face first in the ground. I laid down somewhere behind him facing the opposite direction. At one point he asked me "How ya doing man?" all I replied was that where was blood everywhere and that I thought I had pulled out 25% of my hair which was lost across the grass. At that moment I turned around to look over my shoulder at him and saw everything on " his side" was brighter and more radiant than the way I was facing, as if hell and heaven were two sides of a coin.

"Don"t come on this side man!" I screamed. "Don"t go into the darkness!"

He didn"t really say anything but tried to mumble some shit. I realized that if I didn"t do something fast I would have a bad trip for perhaps the rest of my life. I army crawled on my elbows faster than I could have sprinted to A"s side. He looked up and was totally surprised, I had popped up out of no where, absolutely no where. After some mumbled speech and concluding on what seemed a mental agreement because nothing was really said we both got up and began to make our way to this dirt area that was light up by the bathroom light. It just seemed more happier over there. On the way we seemed to pause to regard the sky and our surrounding for what seemed a life time. At this time the entire sky was no longer a place of blackness littered with stars, it had all come alive and was spiraling around what seemed to be a single ominous star, probably the north star. Everything was still in pixels and I realized that some time soon I would be peaking...very soon. The whole mountain side was changing colors, usually a shady red but then would be purple and god knows what else. Then A began to talk, or what we thought was talking, to anyone else it would have sounded like blabbering bull shit, and it was. He began to explain how the world was so awesome and how he was the happiest he"s ever been. I stood quiet tripping balls looking this way and that.

"One day they"ll find us," he said "They"ll find us out here and they won"t understand" He had fully believed that he would never snap out of his trip, sort of convinced me too. At this time I too had left my sweater some where in the grass and still had a comfortable dress shirt on. Honestly the positive thinking and preaching of A was what brought me out of the short period of bad tripping. The one who started my hell in the first place was in the next step brining me right back into he light. While he was talking, pretty much repeating himself and blabbing randomly in shit no one could understand, I felt as if I"d left my body standing there looking out over the city lights, which changed every time I looked at them. The only place I seemed to go was in a massive arc half way across the world to Japan... I don"t know why the fuck I visited Japan but it just seemed like a cool place to be. I felt as if I"d met millions of Japanese people and then as quick as that I was standing back near A. I broke him off in mid blabber and said "Holy shit I was just in Japan..." This I guess kind of snapped him out of this enlightenment ravings and we began our walk over to the light area, only about a 100 meter walk but it seemed to take several life times. Once there however the next thing I wanted to do was leave. I wanted to start heading back to the truck to see what time it was. I tried to convince A to follow me.

"Later man I"m going back to the truck." I"d say. To which he just replied "Allright see you later man." At this I was afraid I might fall back into a bad trip without someone to hang out with and decided if he wasn"t going anywhere I wasn"t either. I went over to where he was at and froze at the sight of him. He was standing, with nothing on one foot and a shoe on the other. Shirtless in pants, rubbing his face uncontrollable with his hands. I just stood and watched. It looked as if his hands and face where melting into one fleshy object as if his face was pottery being molded with an artists hands. It was the craziest shit. At one point when he pulled away one of his hands I told him "Shit man I just think you ripped of a huge chunk off your face" because it seriously looked as if he had! He didn"t seem go care though. After he stopped we gawked at some trees near by that just seemed to be as bright as the light of the bath house. Next thing I know I"d kicked of both my shoes, send those fucking things into orbit over the 2nd field, I though one of them never hit the ground but was just chilling in the air for awhile as if it had the choice as to whether gravity would take effect or not. At this point I was feeling awesome as hell. As if I were a God and could do just about anything. A and I ran around in that lit up dirt area jumping, running, somersaulting and just seriously kicking are own asses trying insane round house kicks and back/front hand springs. Several of which A busted out so fast it was as if he"d been given unnatural speed capabilities. At one point he fell on the ground and I stood there kicking the rock hard dirt as hard as I could, with no shoes, into his face. I just kept doing it because he loved it. He was laughing and pretty much bathing in the shit. I just thought he was dumb but fuck, it"s fun to kick dirt on people when they think it"s the coolest thing in the world. He couldn"t have been happier if it was raining money. After calming down a bit and thinking for what seemed hours on all the crazy shit that enters your head when booming. Random thoughts about life and " what it all meant". It seemed I had all the answers but I wasn"t really asking too many questions or maybe not the right ones so I never really explored my mental potential.

"Dude I wonna find all my shit man. It"s all over this park." said A. Suddenly I really wanted my shoes. I didn"t give a fuck about my sweater or my beanie but that walk back to the truck would be hell without them. First we stood there and tried to think of where we left some of our shit... Then out of no where I began walking determinedly towards where I KNEW one of my shoes was.

"My shoe is over here" I said.

"Can you see it?" said A

"No man, I feel it" And I seriously did. I couldn"t see shit but I walked right to that dark brown shoe, picked it up and put it on my still sock covered foot. Then right after that I turned an almost 90 degrees and walked straight towards my other shoe, which must have finally came down. Picked it up and put it on my foot. A had followed me and just amazed at how I"d found my shoes in only a few seconds, and so was I.

"Let"s get my stuff" he said. On the way back to where he had left his shit we stop suddenly because A had some crazy notion to empty all of his spare change on the spot right there. He must have dropped about 3 bucks worth and right before the last quarter left his hand we were looking at it and saw it smoking as if it was burning right there in his hand. He simple dropped it and we left all the change right there. Next thing I know we found both our beanies, my black as night sweat shirt, his tee shirt, his jacket, and his other shoe. We had found it all...all except his lone sock. Somewhere lost in the distance. We couldn"t remember if his cell phone was in the truck or not but we hoped to hell it was. We started our way down the road, the one the cop at intruded on earlier. It seemed a good idea to stay on a trail I KNEW would take us eventually to the truck. We hadn"t the faintest idea what time it was, I figured around 5 or so in the morning cause it seemed that the sun would be coming up in a few hours or so. Right before we left the park A saw his white sock where I"d been kicking showers of dirt onto him. We couldn"t believe that we"d found everything in the dead of night in what seemed to be one of the darkest places in the world.

Walking to the truck seemed to take forever. We would stop out of no where to recall our trips. Standing, redressed in our attire, speaking in half unfinished sentences about what had happened. Then we would move out again only to stop about 50 yards ahead to talk about the same shit. Finally we made it to the truck, way farther away than I thought it was and sat within recalling the insanity of that evening. I had come down pretty far in the last few minutes but everything still seemed to be in a blurred sort of pixely animation, it was honestly pissing me off because I wanted my regular eye sight back. A checked his cell and it was only 4:20 in the fucking morning. I couldn"t believe it. I thought I"d already lived an entire lifetime in only 3 seriously fucking twisted hours.

I really wanted to drive but A said he had come down all the way by then and that he should, I believed him but I think it would have been the funnest thing. He dropped me off at my house and I snuck back in to spend the next 2 hours with nothing but the light of a flash light shining on some posters of mine. I watched as they breathed in and out and mixed with the colors of my walls. I couldn"t believe that I was still tripping, it took me forever to come down something like 3-4 hours, I"d heard before it sometimes happens instantly. Eventually I fell asleep in swirling thoughts of life and the memorable moments of me trip.

This trip was 6 days ago...tomorrow about 4 hours before my Substance Abuse Prevention class I"ve been forced to take, with my parent, by the county I will shroom again. A"s dumb ass convinced me it would be a good idea...oh hell.

This entire trip I though I"d lost loads of my hair and was covered in blood. Even in my moments of euphoria I felt this way. It wasn"t until later that morning when I was looking in a mirror that I convinced my self I wasn"t seriously fucked.

I have no idea where that noisy piece of shit walky talky is...

I will never ever underestimate the power of shrooms ESPECIALLY those gold flake gold cap mother fuckers!

Sorry I wrote a god damn novel here. It seemed the only way to dish out the experience right. Shrooms are my favorite and in my first experience I went all the way to mushroom manor and I gotta say I hope to be checking in again very soon. Later, Z.

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