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my first trip..amazingg

these were some good shrooms

Ok so i've been trying to get ahold of some shrooms for 3 weeks and i finally got them last thursday night.  We bought 5 grams and split up between 3 of us (we thought this would be enough since were only 14 and pretty lightweight, it ended up being very much enough =D)  The person we had bought them from said they were very very potent and reccomended we dont eat all of them since it was the first time for all 3 of us. (I dont know what kind they were, they had golden caps and the stems were white with a little blue on them) Anyways I split them up (purposely so I could put a little more of the caps in my pile) We bought some chocolate frosted donuts and put them on that and chowed down.  This was at about 1 o'clock in the morning.  At about 1:15 one of our friends wanted to come over because he was high and bored so we let him come over. At about 1:30 I got the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, then about 5 minutes later i had that feeling all over my body..kind of hard to move.  By 1:50 It was uncontrollable laughter for the 3 of us and for some reason I involuntarily talked like Chong(saying man every 5th word and that kind of lazy voice) So were sitting there laughing our asses off being very loud.  Then the kid that had come over that was high was getting annoyed and went into the closet and rummaged through some shit in there and I got up to get him out before he wrecked it, but when i went to the door he jumped out with a witch mask on sending me straight to tears and i sprinted to the bathroom and locked the door and I could hear my other two friends outside the door screaming. I called one of my friends and told him what was going on and waited for awhile and went back out. I told him I'd kick his ass the next day if he did that again so he put it away.  I talked on the internet for awhile even though it was hard b/c the letters were warping so it was hard to tell what i was typing.  So basically all night I was laughing very hard, literally falling out of my chair laughing for 10 minutes straight and seeing very weird patterns.  When i looked into a blanket that was kind of messy and folded I saw faces and when i closed my eyes it was nothing but dancing colors.  Around 2 o'clock we got fed up with our high friend because he was being a nuissance and said the only way he would leave is if one of us walked him halfway home.  I said fine I will and somehow made it up the stairs and out the door.  Once on the street  I felt as if i was skipping like 20 feet at a time. Then when I was halfway i started walking back.  It was very scary because of all these creepy looking kidnapping vans.  When I thought I heard footsteps I took off in a dead sprint screaming and when i got to my friends house I just stopped and acted as if everything was cool like it never even happened. So in a summary, it took about 30 minutes to start to feel it coming on, then at about 4 o'clock i could tell i was about to start coming down.  At about 6 in the morning I was laying on the couch, eyes closed with dancing colors and visuals still in my head and i don't know what time I fell asleep.  It was a very good experience besides the witch and I cannot wait to do them again as I get tested for weed so thats out of the question. Go shrooms!

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