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central park, long

around 8:30 i ingested a little more than 2 grams out of the 4grams i had, my friend ate the rest.

around 8:30 i ingested a little more than 2 grams out of the 4grams i had, my friend ate the rest...we are at barnes and noble on 66th and broadway...our friend calls and asks us to meet her near the band shell in central park so we begin to walk, luckily it is only a few blocks away...as we are walking my shrooms start to kick in and lights start to get brighter, and i have permagrin and the giggles going on...as we get closer to the bandshell we can hear some bongo type drums being played...apparently there was some sort of gathering of rasta type people going on...i am not sure what it was exactly but it was very interesting drums beating loudly and people dancing...as we are waiting for our friend i was looking at the ivy that was growing nearby and it started to reach out towards me...just as it was about to get to me my friend called out my name cuz our friend was here...

we wander over to this hill of the path so that we can roll up a joint and smoke a little...as we sit on the hill you can see different paths lit up going off in a few directions and everything turns into what we call paper people(cartoon land) it feels like i am looking through a kaleidascope because of the way the paths branch out, and everytime i lay down i feel like i am sinking into the hill...my friend starts complaining of mosquitoes...i thought we was hallucinating or that it was from laying in the grass with no shirt on...so we decided to move..(he really did get bit by mosquitoes)

as we are walking towards some benches near the bandshell and one of the rasta guys approaches me and asks for a light...so i hand him my lighter and he lights up this huge blunt...suddenly i was in this jungle type setting...so we finally make it to the bench which is set up in a semicircle with like 4 or 5 paths going of in different directions that i can see, plus some behind me...suddenly i feel like i am in the center of the universe and all these paths are going to take me to different worlds, again we kept talking about the paper people, and our recurring questions of where are we going, and trying to figure out what we are doing later...from my view its like i am looking through a giant kaleidascope still because everything looks the same and keeps repeating itself...suddenly another guy approaches me and asks me for a light i couldn't find my lighter so i gave him my ciggarette that i was smoking and he tried to light it but he hadn't rolled it well or something cuz he just got pissed and crumpled it up and through it on the ground...(i am not really sure if that happened but i think it did) we finally get tired of sitting and decide to head towards the train station...here comes the questions of where, how do we get there etc...we finally decide to just start walking..

as we walk we past many groups of people who are speaking spanish and it was very odd becuase we are tripping acting crazy, and people are speaking spanish it just sounded so funny...it was also really funny when our friend that we met would get phone calls becuase she is japanese, and would be talking in japanese...i felt like we were walking in a giant spiral trying to make our way out of the park...eventually we come to the beach volleyball court, which of course we have to stop and play in the sand for a while..it felt like we were in a giant desert...from where we were sitting there was the most beautiful, peaceful view through the trees at some of the buildings...I started playing in the sand just drawing with my fingeres making designs and as i did this everything became very peaceful and the world around me just began to make this very relaxing trance like music...and the images i was drawing went along with what the music looked like in my head...my friend asked me what i was doing then saw and was entranced in my drawing...and just said don't stop drawing...after a while we started jumping around in the sand and my friend was practicing kung fu...finally we decide to leave and we still keep asking which way etc...

finally we just start walking again...i am going to skip part just because this is long enough as it is...

finally we make it out of the park, and we are in a fairly upscale area, people wearing dresses and suits, and we were wearing ufo pants, backpacks, crazed look in our eyes, talking gibberish, dirty from playing in the sand, so we were getting quite a few stares and comments from people...it was pretty funny actually...now is the most confusing part of the night trying to figure the subway out..we followed the signs to the train we thought we were supposed to take but then when we were on that platform signs said uptown so we thought we must be on the wrong side, so we crossed over to the other side and then realized that we were on the uptown side now....so we had to cross back over luckily when we were standing there confused our friend, she was taking a different train came back becuase that train wasn't running, and helped us figure out which to take...we get on the train and people start moving away from us because we are talking gibberish and just look wierd..when i closed my eyes and the train was taking off it felt like i was on a space ship...blasting off into orbit...
our friend gets to her stop and leaves us...the next stop is ours so we get off..now the question is how to get out of the train station...we follow the exit signs and for some reason we keep going in a circle or something because we keep going up stairs and downstairs and walk down long hallways yet we are not making it out..it was a seemingly never ending loop of stairways and hallways...finally we make it out and are in front of madison square garden...wow cops everywhere, by now we arent that messed up but we still look weird so we just make our way to the path train to head back to my place in jersey...i wish i could describe the setting a little better but i can't quite put it in the right words...i recommend hanging out in central park for a trip...very fun

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