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first time for me and it was the best

realy nice

first off i called up my friend who is my neighbor and i told him i wanted the shrooms i had paid him for earlier that day. he put them somwhere and i went to get them, i gave him 40 bucks but he gave me 50 dollers worth of shrooms since hes a nice guy, but anyways i went and got them and then i went to my house to finish up some work,  after that i headed in to my house . since i was so excited to try the shrooms i ate them as soon as i  got into my basement. afterwards i went upstairs got somthing to eat and then got on the computer for a little bit i went and got a shower and then went to my room and then it started...the first thing i noticed was a diferant feeling in my body it was a strange feeling but it was  cool and then i started noticing brighter colors so i laid on my bed and waited for more to happen.... i started to see the blinds on my windows shake for just a split second and then back to normal i watched that hapen for about 5 minutes and then decided nothing else was gonna happen so i laid back and looked at my ceiling tyle, little patches of each tyle would become 3d and move at the same spot of each tyle in the whole room then it would start to spin ans twist, i watched that for about an hour and layed on myside to look at my wall which is wood wil natural lines and after a few seconds they started to flow like a river, after about 20 minutes that got boring so i started looking at my celing for another hour and then got up and did a horrible thing, i looked in the mirror at my eyes and i got so scared i almost cried, my eyes were almost all black because of my pupils being so big, i really did get scared and went and hid under the covers for a while, i then decided to stare into the ceiling tyle more which is was the greatest of the whole trip, i then took some pics of my eyes with my phone for later referance and proof of my story, i then started listening to my ipod and was relaxing while the wonderfull trip was coming to an end the ceiling started slowing down and the rivers on the wall stopped flowing i went down to my computer once it was completely over and talked to the person who id got them from he lauged when i told him i got scared cus of my eyes then i went out and had a ciggarette outside ,

the whole "trip" lasted about 4 hours but i was trippin really hard

i rate this trip for my first time as a 3

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