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Pulled into the 4th dimention on LSD AND SALVIA

I am the lucky sticker :)

I was sold some LSD by this very sexy girl and she told me it is amazing.

I dropped my LSD at 4:20pm and began to trip about an hour later. I cracked some glowsticks and played with them for a while.
Then my buddy told me he had some 15x Salvia he needed to get rid of. Sold me about half a gram for 10 bucks, good deal!.
So I was already tripping on LSD but fuck it I said, and I smoked a nice big bowl of the 15x and held it for about 40 seconds.

You know it hits you when you feel the pins and needles.

I was gone, sweating, crying, enlightened.
The techno "Monday night football" song was playing oh boy that was trippy. 
My friends proceeded to tell me I was at the football game and that we made a touchdown. They then asked me to do my happy dance.
I replied in a confused and innocent tone, "haaaaappy daaaance???"

The weirdest shit was happening to me. The music was my god, I was the music.
It is so hard to explain, but

I am about to blow your mind!

Visualize an infinate line of rectangular stickers on a wall, no space between them.
Pretend each sticker is alive, it has a personality and a life.
These stickers only know 2 dimentions, as they are stuck on a wall. These stickers are on the wall for their whole life, completely ignorant to the fact there are actually 3 dimentions.
Now, pretend you are one of these stickers and some, higher power, pulls you off of the wall.
All of the sudden you are pulled into the 3rd dimention and you see all your peers (the other stickers) still in the 2nd dimention.

Imagine what an enlightening experience this 1 lucky sticker is having.

We are all trapped in 3 dimentions, but if you do LSD and SALVIA and listen to some techno,
theres a good chance the higher power that is the music will pull you into the 4th dimention
and you will sweat and cry and laugh like you never have before!

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